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My Favourite Sandals On Sale And They're A Ringer For A Designer Pair Too

I was never meant to be in the shoe department of TK Maxx, the son had asked me to source a Karl Marx mug for his history teacher for Friday. A nice thought but seriously, a Karl Marx mug for Friday? Because obviously they're easy to come by. Hmmmmm. Anyway, I found myself on the wrong floor at the back of the shop. How did that happen? Shoes I tell you, shoes.

I bought a pair of Steve Madden Sweetyy sandals last year in the States and paid about $90. I saw them today for £19.99. I know. A bargain right? Especially when they're still full price on some US sites. They're leather too.

Sadly not red but a most glorious shade of pastel blue. Oh and they had black too.


I saw these Aquazzura Wild Thing sandals in Selfridges back in January and couldn't believe the likeness to the Sweetyys. Dead ringers, well other than the Aquazzura has a heel. Cheeky buggers! Surely it's the High Street that copies the designer?

And then doing my research tonight, it appears that Aquazzura now has a flat and block heel version, indeed a whole range of shaggy sandals.

If you're feeling flush, here's the link to the range (upward of £300 mind!!)

Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals

These are the black SM ones that I saw today.

And the lush pale blue ones.

Steve Madden Sweetyy Sandal £19.99

Most sizes of these are available online here at £19.99. They'd look great with white jeans (just saying).

Oh and not forgetting the nude that they didn't have in my local store but they're online.

Steve Madden Sweetyy Sandal £19.99

Like I said, bit of a bargain.

I'm all shaggy shoe'd out. God.

Really, really need to go as I'm needed to go through a few flash cards: Why was there an economic crisis in Germany in 1923. I'm glad the answers are on the back because I haven't got a clue!

4 comments on "My Favourite Sandals On Sale And They're A Ringer For A Designer Pair Too"
  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I've seen a tribute to the heeled ones somewhere, but I can't for the life of me remember where!!

    1. Seriously you need to remember because I want a heeled pair but not at Aquazzuri prices x

  2. The Aquazurra wild thing high heeled sandals came out in 2015 so most dupes have come and gone. Steve Madden did have a high heeled version called sassy but it's no longer on their website. I suppose that's why the low versions are in TKMaxx. Sorry Donna but I think you've missed the boat on this one!

    1. Now that makes sense. I googled to try and find out when Aquazzura introduced the Wild Thing range but couldn't find a date. Thanks for clarifying. So, Steve Madden, you naughty people made an almost identical copy (which I am of course rather pleased about as I love mine) x