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Reasonably Priced Bags And Some New Designs | Modalu

Minding my own business I was. Scrolling through Facebook and then up pops an ad for a rucksack.

Oooh that's nice I thought and I don't even like rucksacks. And then I noticed the brand, Modalu. Wow, it's so different to their usual bags.

I've been a fan of Modalu for a few years and own 3 or 4 of their bags. They're good quality, gorgeous colours and prices seem to have remained pretty much the same. In fact I'd go as far to say that they seem cheaper than they were 4 years ago.

Anyway back to the rucksack. I would have loved this 15+ years ago when I was required to push a buggy on a daily basis while juggling my totally impractical handbag. I could almost be persuaded to use it now for those days when you don't seem to have enough hands (normally when I'm returning half a dozen parcels to the post office - why can't retailers use non-slip return bags?).

Of course the ad did it's job and I hot footed over to the website quicker than you could say clutch bag.

And I was impressed.

Want. Need. This....

If you only intend buying one summer bag this year, you need this in your life. Sell your fridge freezer on Ebay (they're over rated anyway).  I'm going to stick my neck out and say that it could pass for three times the price. A totally versatile colour that will go with EVERYTHING.

Luna Large Shoulder Bag
(also available here)

We need to see it in action don't we?

Or the small version

Luna Small Shoulder Bag
(also available here)

And then there's the satchel in another great neutral, shark. It seems greyer than my own Pippa Grab. That's not a complaint by the way, more an observation. (available in cream, tan and black as well). I like the fact that it's narrower than the normal satchel and you can wear it across body, on the shoulder or as a handbag.

Somerset Satchel
(also available here)

Of course I love my neutrals but I also love to add a pop of colour to an outfit by way of a bag or shoes. The Lola in orange is perfect (I don't have an orange bag. Just saying).

Sweet huh?

Lola Small Grab Bag

But of course you don't have to add a bright colour for impact, stripes work equally as well.

Lily Small Crossbody Navy Nautical
(also available here)

I'm thinking, a good holiday bag? Especially if you keep your colour palette simple; black, white, grey, red. So you'll need to pack a good bag. Pack this one! And it won't break the bank at £49.

A shopper that you could also take on holiday with you. Very useful!

Brighton Large Shopper
(also available here)

Right, I'm not looking at any more because I want them all. You'll have to go and do further research yourselves 😍

And to prove that I really do love this brand, here are 3 photos I've searched out from last season featuring my Modalu bags, the Pippa Grab (right), the Lilly Crossbody (middle) and I don't know what the left black one is called.

You know, I go in to Selfridges with money burning a hole in my back pocket, look at the £1k plus bags and I can't help but compare many of them to Modalu. Take my Mulberry Bayswater, yes it's lovely but I struggle to see any difference in quality when I compare both brands. Mind you, I wouldn't say no to a certain Lanvin that I have my eye on 😜

Ooooh before I go, I have to show you these shoes. They're not mine. The daughter bought them today and has been taunting me on WhatsApp. Since when has she had good taste in shoes? I'm the one that's all about the shoe in this house. God.

Gradual Two Part Sandals

I could console myself with the pink because she'd kill me if I bought the leopard print.

Gradual Two Part Sandal

With any luck, she'll get big blisters and will give them to me (that's a joke by the way).

A quiet weekend for us at home before a busy couple of weeks. The son is busy in his bedroom supposedly revising. Funny how, every time I pop my head around his door, he's on a 'break'. And is it wrong to be secretly pleased that I never ever have to study the Treaty of Versailles again? A GCSE, A'Level and IGCSE is enough for any mother. This calls for wine and a bag of Skips in celebration. We're 4 exams down, 10 to go in this house. Keeping the momentum going is costing me a fortune in snacks, meal deals, burgers and anything else he knows he can get away with at the moment. Not that we're walking on egg shells around him or anything.

Prison Break binge watching tonight.

See ya.

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