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Stealing Penelope's Style

Espadrilles. They're everywhere again this year. Not something that I would splurge on because I'd probably only wear them a handful of times. I'd rather save my pennies for a pair of decent leather ankle boots. I saw these the other day when I was browsing. A 40% discount code (I know 40% right?) is hard to ignore. 

(That makes them £16.20!!!!) God, my maths is on point today. Available in red and blue.

Or you could pay 7.5 times as much 😱  for the Penelope Chilvers originals.

Ok, the ribbon is probably much more luxurious and they're bound to be more comfortable but I can't stop thinking about that £112.80 price difference. It's the Yorkshire girl in me. 

Or you could do stripes.

(That makes them just £21)

And P.C.s offering (which admittedly are very nice).

Splurge or save. You choose. 

Anyone else enjoying the weather? I have a dozen and one things to do and am currently sat on my backside in the shade, contemplating a glass of something chilled. So very decadent. Had it been chucking it down in the middle of November, the sheer thought would be wrong. The sun is very much an enabler isn't it?

2 comments on "Stealing Penelope's Style"
  1. I just can't get on board with tie up shoes, they look great but I'd just rather have an ankle strap. Are they comfortable? Do they slip? Come undone?!

    1. I know exactly what you mean Lou. I haven't got these ones but have similar. The ribbons are better than the leather laces which drive me insane.