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The Yellow Dress - It's Bound To Be A Sell-Out

Back in the day when I couldn't get enough of Jilly Cooper's Riders (didn't we all want to marry Rupert Campbell-Black?) I remember her describing a pair of socks (I think) as cat sick yellow. And it's stuck in my mind ever since. Thankfully, this dress is not remotely cat sick anything and Jilly Cooper has nothing to do with this post at all. I just thought it would be an interesting and maybe slightly amusement opening?.

No? Okaaaaay. Move on Donna.

I saw this dress last week, in an email I think it was and I'll be honest it caught my eye. And then I popped in to M&S for groceries and found myself in the dress department. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? And there it was, waiting for me. So I bought two. Well two different sizes because I didn't have much time and I was supposed to be shopping for food remember.

Back home, the food abandoned on the breakfast bar, I dashed upstairs to try it on and yes it's a keeper.

Tiered Long Sleeve Midi Dress £49.50 (currently 20% off with code MY6F35)

Let's talk about the colour first of all. It's what I would describe as daffodil yellow. A fresh, summery shade, definitely for the warm skin tones amongst us*

(colour consultants please skip this next sentence)

* Rule breaking alert: if I had a cool skin tone, I'd buy it anyway and slap some fake tan on. Surprising what we can get away with when we have a tan.

It's a kind of cheese cloth material, actually it's viscose but it looks like cheese cloth and is a perfect travelling companion. Apparently there's also a slip which is mentioned in the blurb and you can just see it on the model. Not in the two I have.  I'll contact them and report back. My feeling is that they took out the slip after the sample stage but didn't update the records. Providing you wear nude underwear, I don't think a slip is totally necessary anyway. **Update, it does come with a yellow slip, mine must have fallen out so I will do an exchange.

By the way, this is the size 10 which fits perfectly but I'll try the size 12 too, to see how that works. Shame it only comes in regular length as another couple of inches would have been perfect. Ahh well, we can't have everything in life can we?

I'm wearing it with black sandals also from M&S which seem to be selling fast. I went in to two stores last week to try them on and they'd sold out. Still available on line. It will also look great with leopard print toe post sandals and white trainers. Lots of options then!

These sandals are perfect when you want a slightly more dressed up feel but don't want an uncomfortable stiletto. Keepers.

Chunky Block Heel Sandal £25 (currently 20% off with code MY6F35)

Post update: I'm wearing these sandals again today which is always a good sign of a great purchase. Can't get enough of black and yellow!

Chunky Block Heel Sandal £25
Bag - Fiorelli - Similar here (and it's lovely)

P.S. don't hang around if you fancy either the dress or the sandals as I doubt they'll be around long.

P.P.S. seems I'm not the only sad person that talks about steam irons (see post here), your comments particularly on Insta made me laugh out very loud!!! I will get around to replying to everyone on email too xx

4 comments on "The Yellow Dress - It's Bound To Be A Sell-Out"
  1. I like this dress on you. Don't think it would suit me . Bit scared of yellow....

    1. Yellow is probably one of the hardest colours to pull off Rebecca but when you get it right, it looks fantastic x

  2. Adore this! I have no idea if I am warm or cool (I tend to wear all the colours, shameful) but the dress is in my basket already. Will be awesome most of the year here (Australia)

    1. You go girl. Wearing colour is all about confidence regardless of whether it's the best shade for you or not. I often look at women and think, hey that shouldn't work but it does because she wears it with total confidence. Hope you love the dress x