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Tips On How To Make Your Legs Look Longer In Summer

Heaven Espadrille - Holster Australia

It's much easier to 'create' a couple of extra inches in the colder months, black jeans, black boots and you've got a vertical line from waist to toe. Not as easy to achieve in summer when we start playing with proportions. Maxi, midi, mini skirts, culottes, shorts and ankle grazers all play havoc with that vertical line. I have quite long legs but sometimes look in the mirror and all I can see is Mrs Stump.

But fear not, there are a few tricks that you can adopt and today we're looking at footwear. So here are my tips for creating the illusion of longer pins.

1. Wear shoes or sandals that have a similar depth to your skin colour. Note I say 'similar'. This does not mean that if you have white skin you should wear a la Kate Middleton nude pumps style. And that is it. Life's too short to wear boring shoes! Think out of the box a little: it could mean pink, pale blue, mint green, metallic and so on. And for black skin, this could mean, black, brown, burgundy, navy and a darker metallic. Anything that's of similar depth to to your own skin colour. You don't want to interrupt the line from leg to foot with a very different colour shoe if you're trying to achieve those extra inches. Feel free to wear what ever you please if that's not your aim!

2. This is true for the heel as well. So darker for black skin and lighter for white skin.

3. Speaking of heels, yes this is the obvious one to pinch a couple of extra inches. I know not everyone wants to totter around in high heels everyday (I don't) but it really is amazing what a 2 inch heel can do to your frame. Choose a wedge style which is far comfier than a stiletto because your weight is spread over the whole of the foot rather than concentrated on the heel and ball. 

4. T-bar styles are great at lengthening the foot and hence giving the illusion of a longer leg but be careful if you have long feet already. 

5. Don't worry too much about an ankle strap if it's a similar depth to your skin tone as it won't be that noticeable. However, gladiator sandals really do cut off the leg and WILL MAKE THEM LOOK SHORTER.

I had a little dig around in my wardrobe and realised that a lot of my sandals are on the lighter side; pink, white, nude, yellow. Of course I have black ones but I tend to wear them with jeans and darker coloured bottoms. And this particular pair illustrate most of the points above - metallic, tonal heel, wedge and t-bar all rolled in to one sandal. They'll be worn lots this year. I'm keen to see how they work with my longer culottes.

Heaven Espadrille - Holster Australia
Blush Biker Skinny Trousers - Next
By the way, I spoke to Holster Australia about the fit of their sandals following a question from a reader. I've always found them to be really comfortable but she wanted to know if they stretched as they were a little tight across the top of her foot. Here's the reply

As your feet warm up, they mold to your feet and give a little like leather but they don't give and give, just enough to mold around the foot. Both the Glow and Heaven as well as our other wedges have an EVA footbed which is a memory foam bed so the more you wear them, the comfier they get. 

My kind of shoe, expect to see them lots this year. I'll show you how I style them in the next few weeks.

Thank you to everyone who messaged me about Boiled Egg Gate (over on Insta Stories). I've recovered I think. Although there's a big of a blister on my hand. I mean, who puts an almost hard boiled egg in the microwave? That'll be me. Oh sure, I know you're not supposed to microwave an egg in the shell but it had been cooked through on the hob and when I started to shell it, there was a bit of slime (yukeee) so I figured that as it was a) virtually cooked and b) I'd part shelled it so there was room for expansion  it would be ok. Nope, it exploded in my hand, all over me and my freshly cleaned kitchen. Poof it went, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Death by boiled egg was narrowly avoided. Obviously kinetic energy lessons at school were wasted on me.

Oh and to add insult to injury, I'm sat here this evening with my nose tucked well and firmly into my jumper as the dog is doing eggy trumps (yep, he ate all the bits up from the floor - well it was the only thing I could think of at the time!!!).

Back soon with another blazer that I've spotted. I know, obsessed right?

p.s. Jo from Holster Australia gifted me these sandals as a thank you for my continued support of this brand. Which is obviously easy for me to do as they are my most favourite sandals ever. I was not in anyway asked to review them but they were the perfect sandal to use for this particular post. Thank you Holster Australia, you rock x
4 comments on "Tips On How To Make Your Legs Look Longer In Summer"
  1. Still laughing at the eggs and then you tell me about the dog trumps??!! 不不不
    Loving the sandal advice - thank you. I have all my length in my torso so this is great to read. Off for a nosy at the Holster website now! X

    1. Prized plonker aren't I. I do go on about the Holsters don't I but really really rate them x

  2. Stumbled across your blog while browsing through for Wrap London pieces ;) Since then, I share your posts with my mother and older friends, but I find them extremely helpful to me as well. And enjoyable to read! Especially liked your tip about the shoes; I hadn't thought of that before. I suppose it's a good excuse to go shopping.


    1. Hi Chandrika thanks for stopping by and for spreading the Sludge Brown word xx It's always a good excuse to go shopping for shoes!!!! x