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A Beautiful White Summer Dress & The Mother Of All Bags

White. Is it really a colour? Critically evaluate this statement, demonstrating your understanding with appropriate diagrams.

Actually, let's not because that would be boring. Let's talk about this dress instead. I am excited, very excited for my holidays this year because I have this to take with me. 

Ok, I know you're not getting the full experience here. I could have superimposed my being onto a tropical beach somewhere in the Maldives but a) I don't know how to do that and b) that would be misleading. So my back garden will have to do. Technically speaking it's the side garden but you know what I mean. 

Glorious isn't it (the dress, not the freshly cut hedge). Dipped hem, wide straps (that sorts out the bra strap issue) and lace panels at the waist and knee. Sigh. There's beautiful embroidery on the back and covered lace panels across the bust. The attention to detail for the money is quite extraordinary. Oh and it's lined to the knee. I knew it had to be mine when I clocked it a few weeks ago. It's been on order but is now fully in stock. 

I sized up to a 12 as I plan to wear it over a bikini but looking at the photos, I think I may need to swap it for a 10. Go with your usual size. 

Lace Insert Dip Hem Dress £55
Large Tassel Shopper Bag £38
Hat - (similar)

A little close up of the details.

And obviously, I would have looked like this had I been on the beach, messy hair, don't care, effortlessly chic (oh Donna, you are delusional).

I also love this white dress and had I not been on a self imposed spending ban, I would have ordered it too. Hate the way it's styled but we can overlook that.

Lace Panelled Maxi Dress £25

And then the bag. I thought life would get easier as the kids got older. Take my holiday day bag for example. Baby wipes, dummies, arm bands and balls have been replaced with phones, tangle teezers, Kindles, and....balls. No real change in weight terms. I still need a big bag because pack horse Donna seems to end up carrying for 4 people. 

When the kids were small and we spent long summers in Spain, back in the days when you could park on Mistral Beach in Puerto Banus, we used to cram the boot full. Food hampers, cooler boxes, table and chairs, loungers, toys, you name it, we had it. All the beach activities went into a big blue Ikea bag.

This is the big blue Ikea bag! The daughter hated the Ikea bag but I think she'll approve of this one. 

You don't get a full sense of how big it actually is unless it's on a person. Here, have a look again.

Large Tassel Shopper Bag £38
Lace Insert Dip Hem Dress £55
Leopard Print Toe Post Sandals - old 

Huge isn't it? The mother of all bags. I am going to be so popular on holiday.

A white beach bag with a straw hat and hammam towel
Large Tassel Shopper Bag £38
Sunglasses - Missoni (old)
Hat - TK Maxx
Hammam Towel - Lots to choose from here

The long straps means that it sits nicely on the shoulder but if I carry it, it isn't scraping the floor (scraping isn't cool). And the wide opening, well no more rummaging around in the dark because it's easy to see what's in there. 

Well chuffed. 

p.s. the label will be removed before use 😆

p.p.s Hammam towels are seriously good if you're going on holiday and need to take a beach towel with you but have limited luggage space (lots here)

Hope you're enjoying the heat. I haven't worn proper clothes in days!!!!!!

And one last thing. Just because I don't comment on events that we see in the news doesn't mean that I don't care. I do. But I choose to process the information privately and quietly. And wow, has there been some processing to do. This struck a chord today and I am 100% behind it:

Britain is at boiling point and if we want to step back 
from the brink, we need to stop screaming at each other 
like kids and start talking together like adults

Well said Katie Hopkins! I hope you don't mind me posting that.

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6 comments on "A Beautiful White Summer Dress & The Mother Of All Bags"
  1. Holidays is about white dresses in my opinion. I have 2. They just so suit the backdrop of a deep blue ocean, sand and white buildings don't they?

    1. Yes I totally agree Anna. I'd fill my summer wardrobe with white dresses if I could x

  2. Hi Donna, your white dress is so lovely. Hope you wear it a lot!! My latest purchases are the Boden jumper you had in the knitwear post and ...a pattern for a winter wool coat! I may be getting overambitious here so wish me luck!! It won't get started till autumn, I've got to choose a fabric, colour etc. Apologies for this unseasonal comment. You look so cool and summery. Enjoy your dress.(By the way anyone who reads this blog will know that you are a caring person. Always nice to drop by here for your cheerful and wise words and sense of humour). Xx

    1. Hello Elaine. I'm very much looking forward to taking the dress on holiday with me and it will be part of my summer wardrobe for a long time to come. I hope you managed to bag a bargain at Boden as they have reduced some of their knitwear haven't they. Wow, I would love to be able to make my own winter coat. You are too clever. I'm a big believer of buying out of season because of the bargains that can be had. The Outnet skirt that I featured a couple of posts ago is a keeper. It's a really heavy wool and I love it. Thank you for your kind words, I always look forward to your comments xx

  3. Katie Hopkins? Really?

    1. 'Twas indeed her. She has no filter but often does talk sense!!!!