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A Multi Seasonal Dress & A Pair Of Comfy Pink Sandals

I looked in my wardrobe this morning and felt very uninspired. Not because I hate what's in there, no, quite the opposite. It's the weather, I'm fed up of having to dress for dull, showery days. I've kind of realised over the last 5 years that there's little point in stuffing my wardrobe full of strappy summery dresses that I barely get to wear. Yes of course I buy little dresses but it's always with holidays in mind because let's face it, we can count on one hand how many hot days we get in the UK. 

I spotted this dress a couple of weeks ago and realised that it's quite a versatile little number. Easy to style with a pair of sandals in summer and thick tights, ankle boots and a chunky cardigan come the colder months. That's the kind of thing I like to put in my wardrobe. 

Trouble is, which colour? Soft white or blush? Both are in my colour palette and I love them equally. In the end I ordered both and ended up keeping both. Donna, will you ever learn!! It's also available in red, blue and a colour block navy and white. I'm not looking, I'm not looking. 

Milano Cotton Shift Dress £99

shift dress with pockets shift dress with pockets in blush pink

It's one of those dresses that you can do so much with. It's simple enough to wear with trainers or smart enough to pop a blazer over for work. Even heels and a leather biker jacket for a cheeky night out. And it has pockets. We all love a bit of a pocket don't we?

It's a straight cut shape, perfect for anyone without a waist or who prefers a straight up and down style. 

Milano Cotton Shift Dress - Winser London
Leather O-Ring Bag - Karen Millen (now in the sale)

Today, it being a mere 13.5 degrees, I wore it with a big chunky coatigan and sandals. And I was ok. I survived! In fact someone stopped me to compliment my outfit. Made my day it did. 

shift dress with pockets in blush pink and chunky coatigan cardigan
Milano Cotton Shift Dress - Winser London
Wool Coatigan - Winser London (sold out)
Pink Ankle Strap Sandals - Next 

It's 100% Milano cotton knit so heavier than a typical summer dress but light and airy enough to wear in the UK. I promised myself that hemlines would drop this year but I couldn't resist one (well two if you count the white one) last 'short dress' purchase. Anyway, come winter, I'll be encased in 200 denier wool tights. It's not that short is it? 

And check out my new sandals. I've needed pink sandals in my life for.......well ever since I saw them online. Wore them for the first time today and wow, so comfortable. Block mid heel is the way to go for me. I thought I might not like the chunky heel but it's bloody brilliant. I've always struggled with flat-flat shoes and these days, life is too difficult to wear huge heels for practical days when you have lots of running around and driving to do. These are just the job. 

Ankle Strap Sandals £35

comfortable ankle strap sandals
Pink Ankle Strap Sandals - Next

Of course for anyone with white skin, being a neutral colour, they're leg lengtheners (they don't charge extra for this feature you know). Don't worry if you have darker skin as you're catered for too because they come in black.

I know it must seem as if I've bought loads this season. I have, I'm not going to lie. It's part of my master plan though as I'm replacing old worn items with things that I hope will last a few years. Case in point with the dresses and sandals above. But the credit card is tucked firmly away for now. Well until the autumn season rolls in. That'll be a couple of weeks then!!!

I'll just leave you with this lovely rose gold bracelet that I picked up in River Island last week in aid of Breast Cancer. Suggested donations are £4 and located at every till point. Available in silver, gold and rose gold. Of course I bought one in every colour because I knew the kids would want one too. 

stack of bracelets and breast cancer awareness bracelet from river island

Are you dressing for the weather or trying to make your summer wardrobe work? Love to hear from you.

I have collaborated with Winser London in previous posts (and always disclose) but I bought and paid for these dresses myself.
10 comments on "A Multi Seasonal Dress & A Pair Of Comfy Pink Sandals"
  1. Ooooh Donna, I love that dress but I don't wear anything that strays above knee length these days, unless I'm on holiday. I am on a self imposed new clothes ban at the moment anyway, trying to make the most of what I already have and trying to lose some weight too. I am seriously tempted by those sandals though and also the bag. The whole outfit looks great, keep up the good work, I really enjoy your posts.

    1. Hello Caroline. Thanks for dropping by. If I'm honest, I'd have liked a couple of extra inches on the hem but when it's layered with tights and ankle boots in the colder weather, I think it will be ok. The bag is so useful, I'm definitely taking it on holiday with me. That sounds like torture, a self imposed ban but at least you have a goal in sight. xx

  2. Hi Donna,
    I was also wearing my Winser Coatigan today! I have it in camel, and adore it. I wore it with a khaki M&S shirt dress and ankle boots, not very spring like, but like you I'm in Cheshire and not loving the weather...

    And in response to your previous post, I also like to try on 'wild card' clothing. It totally baffles my partner, who accompanies me into shops for me to try on black work skirts, only to find himself summoned to the changing rooms for a verdict on leopard print jumpsuits or equally outlandish items that I've grabbed on impulse...


    1. Oh you lucky girl Jess, I adore camel and love the way you styled it. Your second comment made me laugh. We are funny creatures aren't we!! Thanks for reading xx

  3. I love absolutely everything about this outfit. Also intrigued to hear about other colour-ways in that dress. Oh STOP it Donna ... too much temptation!!!
    (I also bought a pair of low block heel sandals this year & wore them for the first time today. Blimey, they're comfy, aren't they?!)

    1. Lol you'll have to go and look for yourself - there's a colour for everyone. Yeah block heel is the way to go for me now. Can't wait to see yours x

  4. What is it about summer clothes? Far too tempting and they never wear out because we buy them so infrequently! Love the whole outfit but especially the pink shoes x

    1. I love looking over on Pinterest at summer clothes although I couldn't pull most of it off. The shoes are so comfy, I expect to wear them a lot this year. Thanks for dropping by xx

  5. Donna you are tempting me with that lovely blush dress! Can I ask what size you went for small or medium?

    1. Hi Karen, WL sizing is generous. I'm normally a 10-12 and I went for the small and fits perfectly. I've also bought the soft white one which is a gorgeous colour but the blush just edges it for me. Everything I have from this brand washes beautifully with minimal ironing. Hope this is helpful but get in touch if you have any more questions x