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A Trip To Wembley Should Have Been Straightforward But......

I haven't had the chance to tell you about our Wembley trip yet have I? As if it was over 2 weeks ago already.

So I live in a little town in Cheshire called Macclesfield. No I'd never heard of it either until we moved here over 12 years ago. Actually that's not strictly true. I remember a panicked phone call from my now sister-in-law about 25 years ago from the police station in a place called Macclesfield. She was 15 at the time. She'd been arrested for stealing ducks. Yep ducks. Not nail varnish, not underwear, not even cigarettes. Ducks! Apparently she'd been visiting a farmers market, didn't like the way a couple of ducks were being treated so decided to take them home because she could look after them better herself. Needless to say, she didn't get very far. Big brother had to bomb over the Peak District at midnight to bail her, a 3 hour plus round journey. Oh yes she was very popular that night!

That was my first experience of Macclesfield!

A few years ago hubby decided that he wanted to give something back to the town as it's been such a wonderful place for our children to grow up in and so offered his services to our struggling football club, Macclesfield Town. He's been chairman more or less ever since. You know, it's a tough job in the lower leagues. I can only gasp at the money that is swilling around in the Premier League. Share. Share.

But this season, we found ourselves in the final of the F.A. Trophy. For non-footballers amongst you, that's not the same as the F.A. Cup (I wish). It's a title fought out in the lower divisions. Anyway, there we were on our way to Wembley.

I joined the husband at the hotel on Saturday, he'd travelled down with the players on Friday, got the Wembley tour and everything. I kind of blended in to the background back at the hotel, popping up now and again for food and water.

And so Sunday, the day of the match arrived.

The Bouncy Blow Dry

It all started when I asked for a bouncy blow dry at the hotel's hairdressers. Well, I got a blow dry but I don't think they got the memo about the bouncy bit as you'll see below. Note to self: don't tell them it's nice when really you're wishing you'd done it yourself!

The Journey

I'd already decided to drive over to Wembley on the day of the match forsaking all champagne and wine, and offered one of the vice presidents and his wife a lift over along with our daughter. So off we set. All going swimmingly well so far.

And then it kind of fell apart.

As I approached Wembley (green car park, yes I'll never forget that green car park), the whole road system had been coned off. Okay, what do we do now? And then a steward appeared.

(Apologies for lack of punctuation marks from here on, no excuse other than I couldn't be ar*ed to think about them).

"You can't come down here, the road's closed"

"Yep I can see that, so could you please tell me how to get to the green car park" which was literally a hop, skip and jump away. I mean I could virtually lick it if I stuck my tongue out

"I have no idea, how you get in, this road is closed. Just go round"

"Which round? Could you give me a clue"

"Round Round"

"We're not really getting anywhere here, could you radio through and ask someone please" Not that I was losing my patience or anything.

Presses radio "I have a car here and oh now there's three coaches and another couple of cars behind. They need to get into the green car park" Nods his head. "Control room says no"

So I had to play the chairman's wife card. "Look, I'm the Chairman's wife and I need to be in there by 2.15pm"

It worked. He made an executive decision and moved the cones.

Thank the lord for that. Finally we moved because this conversation isn't in real time, it took 10 minutes.

So off we go.....25 yards. WTAF??? A police van screeched to a halt and about 10 police officers jumped out.

"You can't go down here, it's closed"


"The steward sent me this way"

"Well you can't go down here. STAY THERE I need to radio through to control"

Not that I could move forward because he had blocked me in, or backwards because the three coaches and two cars were right up my backside. I'm not sure where he thought I was going to go.


"Right, I'm going to have to drive you through. Follow me. Back in the van everyone".

"Ooooh please can we have the blues and twos?" I mean, there's no point in getting angry about these things is there?

"No!" He was having a bad day.

To be fair, he did switch the blue light on although I don't think it was for my benefit. And he guided us in to the green car park, all 25 yards. Bless xx

(Not the actual police van, this is only included for dramatic effect).

I don't think the Wembley logistical people had thought this through very well. Two matches in one day meant that people were arriving at different times. They put their exit plan in force way too early. Resulting in one flustered steward, one none-too-happy policeman and his crew of 10 and one very bemused me.

The Hospitality

Nay mind. We arrived. Twenty five minutes late. It was a bit of a pickle trying to find the exit to the suite we were in. I opened a glass door only to be told by someone that I had to use the 'proper door'.

"Couldn't we just walk across the room?"


So off we go again, all the way around to the correct door. And breathe. We've arrived.

Except our table had been taken. The hostess was so apologetic. I felt really bad for her.

"Really anywhere will do, we're not bothered where we sit"

"Here we go, how about this table"

Thanks that's great, now can we get some grub? (I thought that, I didn't say it hence no speech marks).

5 minutes later.

"I'm so terribly sorry, this is the league official's table, would you mind if I moved you?"

Apparently the league officials trumps chairman's wife and guests 😭

She handled it well though) even though she had to move us twice. Quick bite to eat and then it was match time.

And where was the hubster while I was dealing with all of this?  Floating, chuffin floating. Well I think it's called working (he barely eats on the day of a match anyway).

The Game

We were in the Royal Box, yep the one where all the important people sit, such as Prince William. Just think, my bum might have been sat on the very seat that his royal bum sat on. The one where Arsenal were presented with the FA Cup. Right on the front row I was.

Except....you can't see anything because of the safety bar.


Honestly, you don't have any of these problems at our home games. There's always parking, great food, a table and a seat with a good view of the game.

Maybe I could have overlooked these little inconveniences if we'd won. Yep, sour grapes come in to play here because we lost 3-2. We shouldn't have lost because we played far better than our opponents, York. I had loads of people sending screen shots of me on the telly chewing a wasp. Nice! It was very intense.

My favourite picture of the whole day.

Photo credit: Macclesfield Town Football Club Media Team (thanks James)

I do of course jest, it was a lovely day with minor irritations. One of those where if you didn't laugh, you'd cry. It was great to see all the club officials, volunteers and fans there. And I got to wear my new dress. Surprise, surprise it was from Winser London, my favourite brand. I looked everywhere for a 'Silkmen blue' dress but none came anywhere near this one. I wanted something that looked more corporate than floaty and this one fitted the bill perfectly. And big bonus, it was hugely comfortable to wear. And it kind of looks a little bit sporty doesn't it?

Recreated back home as I failed to take any full length photos. No bouncy blow dry either.

Winser London Miracle Colour Block Fitted Shift Dress £135

pencil dress, colour block dress, miracle dress, Winser London

(check out the stone/black colourway dress as well, it's fab).

So that was my Wembley experience in the big box, on the big box and nearly carted away in a big box. And I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

The End

I'll tell you about the rest of that week and my visit to Stoke Park with Winser London next time.

p.s. this is not a sponsored post certainly not by Wembley (lol) and I paid full price for my dress 😀

4 comments on "A Trip To Wembley Should Have Been Straightforward But......"
  1. That was so interesting to read. A real life dress up event along with hiccups. Lucky it wasn't this week and raining cold rain and winding cold wind.

    1. It was gorgeous weather Anna and yes hiccups all the way but very enjoyable x

  2. The dress looks perfect on you Donna, so elegant, and you look so happy and relaxed in the pic despite the eventful journey! Glad you had a good time. Xx

    1. Thank you Elaine. I was really pleased with it. Understated, comfortable and really easy to wear x