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A Wild Card Outfit Choice (How To Wear A Wide Leg Trouser Suit)

I don't know whether I'm normal or abnormal. Well, I know what the family think but they don't count. Anyway, I'm talking about shopping habits, not a character assassination. Would you believe me if I said that I do 80% of my shopping online. Is that odd? Certainly for someone who is supposed to write a fashion blog and I'm confessing that I don't physically go in to shops that much. Actually, I don't class myself as a fashion blogger because I don't consider myself particularly trendy. I have friends who are much trendier than me.

Let me explain. I'd much rather try on clothes in my own surroundings, using my own mirror, with my shoes and using my accessories. Yeah, I'm always at the post office returning parcels or missing the delivery man but for me it works. Sometimes I look forward to receiving a particular item only to be disappointed with the fabric or the cut. If you're a proper shopper, you won't have this problem because you can touch and feel the clothes. Very occasionally I'm blown away by something that I've ordered. In fact, if I'm ordering multiple sizes, I often slip in a wild card because you never know, it might just turn out to be amazing. 

This is also a little rule that I adopt when I'm proper shopping. I mean, if I'm going to the effort of getting undressed I may as well try on a wild card at the same time. 

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of introducing you to something that I tried on at an event held by Winser London that I attended a couple of weeks ago. I'll tell you more about the day next time because there are three more outfits for me to share with you. Suffice to say it was wonderful from start to end. 

I was asked to select four outfits to 'model' (I use that word in the loosest sense) prior to the day. I agonised over this particular outfit, my wild card. The other three outfits were most definitely within my comfort zone. I stressed for days before. What happens if I look a complete tool and I have to show it on the blog? Winser London may ban me from wearing anything else of theirs EVER again. I mean, I've  already ruined a beautiful dress by wearing terrible underwear (see a couple of blog posts back, you'll have to find it because I am certainly not linking it ha ha). So, when I put the outfit on, I didn't even look at myself in the mirror. Well, I checked that I didn't have spinach on my teeth or anything but I didn't do a full length. It felt beautiful on but it was only when I received the photos that I realised how amazing it really is. 

wide leg trouser suit with boxy jacket at Stoke Park

This is so different to my usual style. Wide leg swishy trousers and a fluid double breasted jacket. OMG, I felt like a cast member on Love Boat. Actually scrap that, I felt like THE leading lady on Love Boat (any one born post 1980 will probably need to google that).

Can I just say that this wild card worked out very well. I am totally and utterly in love with this whole outfit. 

wide leg trouser suit with boxy jacket at Stoke Park

Shall we talk about it? 

The Wide Leg Trousers

wide leg trousers in summer colour
Wide Leg Flat Front Trousers

Utterly glorious. They swish when you walk and you can't help but feel a million dollars. Leg lengthening properties come as standard! As with many of Winser clothes, they have pockets. It's the little things....

boxy jacket in summer colours

Sizing is generous and the 10s fitted like a glove (hyperventilating as I type because they seem to be low in stock and I think I may need them but not this month because I managed to 'accumulate' two dresses amongst many other things so I'm all spent up). The colour is Pearl, also available in black and midnight navy.

The Boxy Double Breasted Jacket

Lauren Tailored Blazer 

This is a jacket that you have to try on to appreciate it's full beauty. It goes against all the rules that I impose on myself. Firstly, I prefer single breasted because the style suits my body shape. Secondly, my jackets are far more structured. This is double breasted and much more fluid than I usually wear. And yet it worked and I felt fantastic. That's the sign of good design. 

wide leg trouser suit with boxy jacket at Stoke Park

Sob, my size (10) has now sold out because obviously I'm not the only one that's discovered how beautiful it is. I may not sleep tonight. 

And here is how a pro rocks the whole suit 💗💗💗

Winser London wide leg trouser suit with boxy jacket at Stoke Park

The Easy Wear, Goes With Everything T-Shirt

good quality linen t-shirt in black
Pure Linen T Shirt

I knew this would be great. There's nothing quite like a linen t-shirt for drape. Had a little chuckle last week when I heard someone say to her friend, 'yeah it's oversized but you can always do a side tuck in your jeans'. That particular t-shirt was crispier than a Weetabix box. It won't tuck and drape in a good way no matter how much fabric conditioner you use. Whereas a linen tee follows the body line and behaves itself impeccably. 

wide leg trouser suit with boxy jacket at Stoke Park

I love the curved hemline, so very feminine and it gives you the option of leaving it untucked. Far more flattering on the female form than a straight one and dare I say it, somewhat more sophisticated. It comes in a whole host of colours and I shall be investing in a couple soon. There's been more than a few times recently when I've searched in my wardrobe for a plain t-shirt only to remember that I binned them all at the end of last summer. I'm wearing a small (I usually take a size 10-12 in tops).

This particular outfit requires a little investment (not silly couture prices, more upper end high street) but you'll be counting shrapnel per wear in a few years. It's one of those outfits that you can pull out over and over again and wear the trouser suit in so many different ways, together and separately. 

You might be interested to know that Winser currently has a pop-up shop on South Molton Street in London if you're nearby and is really worth a visit.  Click here for a full list of shops and stockists.

I know you must think that I'm Winser London mad. I am. And make no apology for that. And yes, I have received items to review (which I disclose) and the lovely day out at Stoke Park. But I've bought a lot more than I've been gifted which I hope demonstrates how much I love the brand. It's kind of the way I want my wardrobe to go. Good quality, comfortable basics that I can add fashion pieces to each season. And there's lots of pockets. I like pockets. If Vogue think it's a brand to watch, then I'm all in.

I'll leave you with a photograph on the wonderful staircase at Stoke Park. You may recognise it from Bridget Jones's Diary mini break (the one where she arrives looking like she's been dragged through a bush backwards). What a stunning place.

wide leg trouser suit with boxy jacket at Stoke Park

So tell me, do you do proper shopping or prefer the internet? And what about wild cards, do you ever step out of your comfort zone?

We're childfree this weekend. It feels odd and very quiet. So we'll be taking full advantage by hitting the town tonight, cocktails, dancing on the bar and everything. You may prefer to read that as a quick bite to eat in the village, bottle of wine (to share) and back home at 9pm to watch Netflix. Rock and roll.

Photos c/o Libby McLaren     Make-up c/o Linda Brown  Location c/o Stoke Park

3 comments on "A Wild Card Outfit Choice (How To Wear A Wide Leg Trouser Suit)"
  1. What a great backdrop for you in these shots, Donna. It looks a spectacular place. I am mostly an online shopper like you, except for a few basics and for trousers and jeans as I need to try many styles and sizes to get those right! I am feeling tempted to buy white trousers now! I'm really not good at the outside the comfort zone thing. Ive learned what I like wearing by trial and lots of error and tend to stick to that. I like to get lots of wear from my purchases so stick to what I know will get used. But I do agree it's a nice surprise when something works that you didn't think worth trying. Xx

    1. Yes it's a stunning place Elaine, I'll write about Stoke Park soon. I think being quite a long way from a decent shopping centre kind of forced me down the online route and I now prefer it. In fact when I do go proper shopping, I often can't be bothered to try anything on so end up buying multiple sizes and taking them home. Kind of defeats the object really. I think these trousers would work really well in winter with a cashmere jumper wouldn't they? x

    2. Yes you should definitely wear them like that with a beautiful brown leather bag, they'd be stunning xx