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Banish That Back Fat Forever With Some Clever Shapewear

So yesterday I talked about the virtues of having a good bra fitting (click here) and yep I am guilty as charged. Co-incidentally at around the time that I had my own bra fitting, I was contacted by Shapeez who have recently expanded their market into the UK.

I remember reading with interest about their revolutionary underwear a couple of months ago (in the Daily Mail I think) so I was more than happy to road test one of their bras.

This one actually.

Shapeez Bra, Banish Back Fat, Clever Shapewear, Shapewear, Shape Wear

From the front, it looks like a rather traditional, very nice bra, but the back is another story. The idea being that the the mesh panel eliminates bra lines, back fat and bulges. In fact, traditional bras can be the main cause of back bulges. I'm a people watcher particularly on holiday, and one of the things I've noticed over the years is even the skinniest of women of a certain age have a bit of back fat. Where the heck does it come from? So I guess that most of us would benefit from Shapeez.

I chose the Tankee Short but I've since discovered that I received the Demee Short. That's mine up there ^^^ I was unaware of this until I sat down to write the blog post. Now the Demee Short is a back smoothing push up bra. I would never have chosen a push up - they scare the life out of me. The Tankee is my usual type, underwired and moulded. Funny thing is, I popped the Demee on and immediately loved the shape both from the front and the back. I wasn't even aware at this stage that it was a different bra to the one I'd ordered. Just goes to show you, never judge a book by it's cover. Oh and it's really easy to get in and out of as it's a front fastener.

This is what it looks like on (well obviously not on me because she's young and beautiful).

Shapeez Demee Short

Shapeez, Banish Back Fat, Clever Shapewear, Shapewear, Shape Wear

It's a very different measuring system to the norm. Not difficult, just different. One size does not fit all!!! You take two measurements and then put these into the online calculator which does the work for you. There's a really good guide including a video and tips on what to do if for example you have one boob bigger than the other. Click here for the guide.

I couldn't wait to try the bra out for myself. So I've done you a before and after kinda shot. (I cannot actually believe I'm doing this).

The photo on the left is with one of my old-old bras (ie before I was measured properly last week), I deliberately chose black so that you could see it under the top. The photo on the right is me wearing the Shapeez.

My son took these photos and kept saying, Mum pull your jumper down, you look wrinkly and fat (charming!). That was during the first photo. No matter what I did, it kept riding up. Hideous isn't it? He took the second photo and said nothing. I am quite honestly gob smacked at the difference. Not only is my back fat ironed out, my jumper stayed put and didn't wrinkle up. I wore the Shapeez for the rest of the day and kept looking in the mirror to see if it stayed in place. It did. OMG it's incredible.

Let's talk about comfort. I can only speak about the Demee and yes, it's seriously comfortable. No digging and pinching anywhere. You can forget you're wearing this one. Obviously it won't work with strappy tops and dresses unless they sit higher up on your back but for sleeved shirts, tops and jumpers, the Demee is ideal.

There are lots of styles to choose from including tummy shapers and slips and I'd say that if you have a special dress to wear this year and need shapewear, do think about getting one of these. They really are game changers.

Now let's talk about the cost. The Demee is $79, not cheap and slightly inconvenient in that they're not yet stocked in the UK so you have the faff of ordering from the US. There's also p&p costs of $45. Ouch. But here's a bit of a solution for you. Amazon has a very small selection** (click here) starting from £63 and eligible for free delivery. Takes the sting out of the tail a little doesn't it? I would highly recommend this product and will be looking to buy more from the range very soon. This one from Amazon looks particularly good. That's the problem with reviewing these things, I end up buying something else as well. I guess THAT'S testament to a good product.

Can we go back to talking about clothes next time because I'm all bra'd out?

**I've had clarification about the Amazon stock. Shapeez are looking to increase the selection of bras so it's worth bookmarking the page over on the site if they haven't got the actual one that you want in stock right now.

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  1. Wow! What a really clever idea ... who doesn't want to eliminate back fat (and yes, where the Hell does it come from???!!)