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Bra Problems And Why It's Important To Get The Right Fit

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Bra shopping. For me that's akin to choosing carpets or buying screen wash in Halfords. Or stood around in Footasylum while the little one croons over the latest Adidas drop. BORING with a capital B.O.R.I.N & G. I adopt the same principles to bras as I do boyfriend jeans. Sloppy and slouchy, no digging and pinching. Comfort over form. That's right isn't it?

Alright, I know I'm being a big baby but ouch, they are things of torture. So a nice loose fit is the way I swing. And swing I do (too much information Donna). But then I wonder why some of my tops and dresses look terrible. They really do. There's zero shape, just two semi-squished Chelsea buns hovering mid-chest area for all to see.

Something like this. And yes, I have apologised to Winser London for ruining a beautiful dress.

I will make amends in the next couple of weeks when I show you an almost identical dress that I ordered last week.

Anyway, I'd kind of realised that it's not a great look a while ago but did nothing about it until last week.

I took advantage of my time in London and visited a couple of press days, one being M&Co who seem to be going from strength to strength. And I was fortunate enough to meet their senior lingerie buyer who suggested I have a bra fitting. Apologies, I neglected to get the ladies name so let's just call her Mrs Bra. Ok, I thought, let's tackle it head on and do this.

First of all, Mrs Bra told me that us Brits wear our bands too loose. Apparently French women have it right, they wear their bras much tighter as they're designed to be. Maybe that's their secret!! Typically we wear our under bands one size too big and cup, one size too small.

There are lots of measuring tips online. I've linked to M&Co's guidelines here - lots of useful tips. One of the things that Mrs Bra said to me is that if you're measuring yourself at home, pull the tape measure really tight for the band size. And boy did she mean tight. I was warned that I wouldn't be able to breathe. I couldn't. The reason for this is that there is no elastic in a tape measure whereas there is in a bra so it will stretch. Obvious really.

Anyway, after measuring my cup size, she said I was a 34E. I've been wearing a 36DD. Of course I knew I was wearing the wrong band size. Don't forget, I adopt the boyfriend bra methodology of measuring; sloppy and slouchy. Hmmmmm. But that Mrs Bra, she was dead right. I was wearing an under band one size too big and cup, one size too small.

I tried on a few different styles  from the new season (not yet available) and Mrs Bra suggested that a slightly fuller cup than I usually wear would be a good fit. And do you know what, I was very pleasantly surprised with the fit and ok, I concede, the comfort. I mean, we're not talking sloppy and slouchy but the bras didn't strangle me either. She said that it's far better to wear a tighter bra and take it off when you get home in the evening than wear something with no support all day.

I wore the bra for 12 hours so that I could write an honest review. I'm my slimmest in the morning and then as the day goes on, I seem to take on the characteristics of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory's, Violet Beauregard (swelling yes, blue no) so it stands to reason that it could become really uncomfortable. I was aware that the band was tighter by late afternoon and was ready for taking it off come 7pm but yep, I managed it without swearing at someone. It's not so much uncomfortable but I am aware that it's there. I guess it's a case of getting used to it. The cup size is ace (very accommodating) and I've lost that silly overhang near my arm pits. Where does that come from?

The biggest difference for me is the shape.. Chelsea buns be gone. And in their place, somewhat perkier Tunnocks Snowballs.

As soon as I got home, I ordered this set.

M&Co Circle Embroidered Bra & Knickers

Well Fitted Bra, Wear The Right Size Bra, Bra Measurements

I bagged 25% off in the Bank Holiday sale last week but there's a buy one bra get another free offer on at the moment. The bra (here) is just £16 and knickers (here) £8. That's a lot of underwear for your money! In fact, Mrs Bra said in her own words, it's a £40 bra for the workmanship and quality that's gone in to it. I don't disagree. Certainly you'd be comparing M&Co's bras to Rosie For Autograph at Marks & Spencer, a good £10 extra.

I also picked this one up in the sale although no matching knickers.

(I can't tell you how stressed I get doing these flat lays).

Underwired Marigold Embroidered Bra now £9

Important to get a bra fitting, Wear the right fit bra

So I think the grand total for two bras and a pair of knickers was £27. I'd probably get three quarters of a cup in my usual go-to brand for that.

This little exercise has taught me a lot. Firstly, the importance of wearing the CORRECT size and secondly, the difference a good bra makes to the line of your clothes. Ok, I probably knew these things already but I needed Mrs Bra to remind me. And I wish, wish, wish that I'd had one of these on for the dress shot above.

By the way, I'm not at all sponsored by M&Co and I paid for the underwear myself so I hope that you will accept that this is an honest review. I'm looking forward to seeing the new season collection arrive as there are some beautiful lingerie sets. And pyjamas. And pink trousers. But we'll leave that for another day.

Tomorrow, I'm going to tell you about a very different bra that I've been sent to review. Since when has underwear been so important in my life?????

**Update: here is the next post, a clever bra that banishes back fat

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  1. Oh that's definitely something I need to do. Don't they say you should get fitted at least once a year to make sure you're wearing the correct size & shape? I'd say it's been a good 3 years since I've bothered. Thank you for the reminder ... and gosh, you got some really good value!