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How To Hide Your Belly With Pattern

I don't wear that much pattern on a day to day basis but there's nothing quite like wearing something bright and bold in summer. And did you know that pattern is great for disguising a big tummy. Tis true. Print distracts the eye from settling on your belly as well as providing a bit of camouflage in the area that it's needed.

It was a no brainer then, when I saw this 70s inspired jumpsuit. There's no way I could do this in one block colour unless it were black and that would be boring. The riot of coral and white and blue does a really good job in disguising all the lumps and bumps.

Frill Top Jumpsuit

how to disguise a big tummy using pattern
Frill Top Print Jumpsuit - here

Ok so I chose the best angle for the first photo but believe me there is a belly there! And I take no pleasure in writing that!!!

You may be able to see the small tie belt and I forgot a little trick that I often do with these. If you fasten the belt so that it's quite loose (the knot should dangle pulling down the whole belt and then rather than putting it to the side, bring it to the middle), it has the effect of working the verticals and drawing the eye downwards away from the tummy. Such a simple tip and I can't believe I forgot to do it.

off the shoulder jumpsuit from Kaleidoscope

The wide legs are beautifully cut and swish when you walk (anyone else like swishing?). I'm 5ft 8 1/2 and the jumpsuit is a good length with flats. Another inch would have been nice. I can wear it with heels but it looks more like a crop flare which is fine. If you're shorter, you'll be able to do a heel and have that full on long luxe look. And you'll be even swishier. Inside leg is 30inches if that helps.

The fabric is spot on, it's a stretchy polyester/elastane mix, vital for comfort and to maximise the swish. I felt 100% comfortable and can't wait to wear it for real. Husband is at York races today and had I been invited(!!!!!), I would have worn this without a doubt. It's the most perfect piece for many summer occasions; races, weddings, holidays, informal barbecues...

How To Correct A Wide Shoulder Line

Shall we talk about the neckline because I have a little tip. See the black straps down there ↓ it doesn't come with them. It's my bra and is showing on purpose. I have wide shoulders and struggle with off the shoulder designs because they make me look even wider than I am. But add straps and you bring the eye inwards and the focus is diverted from this area. Genius! It also solves the problem of finding a strapless bra that actually stays up. For pear shapes or triangles, this is a perfect neckline for you (without the bra straps) as it will broaden your top half giving the illusion of balance with your hips.

You can adjust the top to sit on the shoulders if you prefer.

disguise a big tummy with fabulous clothes
Frill Top Print Jumpsuit - here
Bag - old

And the price? Would you believe me if I said you get all of this:

- a tummy corrector
- a coral coloured mood uplifter
- swishiness galore
- a tie belt that works the verticals
- a trick to make the shoulders look narrower
- a beautiful piece to add to your summer wardrobe

All for the bargain price of £45. Sold to the lady at the computer screen.

Quite unbelievable really 😀

It's from Kaleidoscope, a brand that I've enjoyed working with before. They asked me if I'd be interested in contributing to their #PackingForMe campaign, items that I will be taking on holiday. Of course this fantastic jumpsuit will be the first thing that goes in my suitcase. My heart is palpitating as I write, what would have happened if they hadn't sent the email and I'd missed this beauty. My life would not have been the same 💗

To say I'm thrilled is an understatement.

a 70s inspired off the shoulder jumpsuit with wide legs

Wearing with my Champagne Holster Australia sandals from last year. No longer available but very similar styles here

jelly sandals for women

This item was gifted by Kaleidoscope but I think it's safe to say that I would have bought it myself regardless. All copy and opinions are my own words, I respect my readers too much to not be 100% honest.

Now where's that bloody sunshine because right now, it's long sleeve jumper weather in the North West. Have a lovely weekend. We seem to have a few runs to the airport planned as one child comes home and the other goes on her hols. SHE IS NOT TAKING MY JUMPSUIT, I REPEAT, NOT TAKING MY JUMPSUIT.

Have a lovely weekend. And talking of weekends, there's free delivery at Kaleidoscope  for the next two days.

4 comments on "How To Hide Your Belly With Pattern"
  1. Girl, what belly? LOL. You look lovely, I can easily see you promenading along in that jumpsuit. I also adore swishiness, especially in warm weather; the extra air flow is soooo welcome in the Carolina heat.

    1. Ha ha maybe I should have taken the photos at the end of the day. I seem to inflate by the hour!!! Thanks for dropping by and commenting Monica. And yes I know how hot it gets over there having an uncle in North Carolina and cousin in South Carolina x

  2. I think you got your wish Donna for sun for us here in the northwest! Hope you're enjoying keeping cool and wafting around in your airy jumpsuit, looking lovely. Yes I agree a bit of print is flattering​ to the tum! You look great in everything though! Xx

    1. Oh my goodness Elaine. How hot? Pheweee. Thankfully, it's cooled a little this evening so might be able to sleep under the covers lol. Thank you, you are very kind but remember, I only put the good stuff on my blog. Maybe I should show you how I look when I take the dog out first thing in a morning or if I stay in my scruffs on a Sunday!!!! x