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How To Pick Up Designer Pieces At High Street Prices

Ok, we're not talking designer-designer here as in couture but now is the time to pick up some great bargains from more expensive brands at high street prices.

For me personally, there's little point in buying into the latest trend. Remember, these are items that haven't sold at full price. They're leftovers. Sorry to be blunt but it's true. The top dripping in tassels and ruffles at 70% off looks enticing yes? It's easy to get carried away but if like me, you want your money to work hard for you, this really isn't a good buy because next year the fickle fashion world will have moved on to the next big thing. And you're left with a top that suddenly feels very tired and so-last-season-darling.

Far better to look for timeless pieces in the 

sale and it makes sense to stock up on classics 

that will be in your wardrobe for many years.

A good place to start is The Outnet, a funny one because it's a discount designer fashion outlet so it sells 'leftovers' from current and previous seasons. Their sale is full of items that they couldn't sell at already discounted prices. You know that sale rail in TK Maxx that's full of rubbish..... But hang on, if you rummage through that rail for long enough, there's always a couple of pearlers to be found. And you can apply the same theory to The Outnet. 

Remeber there's an extra 40% off all prices quoted below. 

Starting with this wool skirt 

White Midi Skirt

This has gone in to my basket and I must checkout before publishing this post. That's the thing with sale shopping, you can't hang around as stock could be very low. It's a classic skirt that can be brought out year upon year. Wear dressed down with a jumper and long boots or add a silk shirt and heels for a classic evening look. I'm also thinking it will look great with my grey biker jacket and a thin knit come autumn. The jumper is an absolute steal too but there's only one Small left. Someone is going to grab that today aren't they (link here). Iris & Ink is The Outnet's own brand by the way. 

Tory Burch Brown Leather Sandals

A pair of Tory Burch sandals for just over £60!! And you'll be in good company too as Jessica Alba has them. Sizes are limited. 

At first glance, this is a pretty boring white summer dress but it's so easy to style up or down. Easy pieces that work on multi levels is what I'm all about these days. You could wear this with a leather jacket and flat shoes for say a day's shopping or dress it up for a wedding. Personally I'd add a little lace trimmed slip underneath as it's cut quite low. I think this could be a dark horse because the photo really isn't doing it justice at all.

easy wear white silk dress

More white, this time linen-cotton blend wide leg trousers. I'm a bit meh about linen because of the creasing but the cotton will prevent them from being too stiff. 

linen blend wide leg trousers

The hems are unfinished so you can choose the length. I'd suggest that you decide whether you're going to be wearing heels or flats, they're really not going to work with both, that's the downside of wide leg trouser. I'd probably do a heel with these and as I said in the Winser London post, this style really does lengthen the legs. Again, they're so easy to style up or down. They'll look fantastic with a chunky knit come autumn. Who says white trousers can't be worn in the colder months? 

Although the long waistcoat trend seems to have passed, I think this could be a great wardrobe piece with some careful styling. In my eyes this sort of piece has moved in to the classic territory (classic in a good way, not the Marks & Spencer Classic!!!!) rather than an on-trend piece. Crisp white shirt and black coated jeans for a bit of a Chelsea look. Or worn more relaxed with a pair of lighter wash jeans and t-shirt. I actually quite like the styling below. 

long black waist coat styled with trousers

One to throw in your wardrobe for when you need a formal dress that's not a ballgown. And it's navy!!!

navy crepe classic dress

An understated, statement coat (contradiction in terms but I think you get what I mean). The only thing that I'd be checking is that the neckline works with what's in my wardrobe. Not such a bargain if a) you can't wear it with most of your tops and b) you end up having to buy new tops to wear it with!!!!

leather trim coat

And the jacket from the same collection. Oh god, I really want this but my jacket collection is out of control!!! This is the sort of thing that I pop on over a pair of jeans and t-shirt to smarten the whole outfit up. 

leather trim jacket

A Helmut Lang shirt for a smidgen over £80. Need I say more!!!! This is the kind of thing I wear on an every day basis in spring and autumn. It's long enough to cover the bum so easy to layer over comfy jeggings and looks great with a blazer. 

Helmut Lang easy wear shirt

How much do I love this final piece even though there is so much more to look at (because really I have to go and get ready, I've only been up 3 hours!!!)? A beautiful, beautiful blouse that works on many levels. 

pretty classic shirt

Go and have a look for yourselves, I'm supposed to be on a spending ban (lol, lol, lol) and so I'll be ordering the white skirt and THAT IS IT. But please do share your purchases with me so that I can at least experience a little joy in knowing that someone else has bagged a bargain.

Happy shopping xx

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