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An Easy Wear White Tailored Dress

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my review of the Marks & Spencer orange dress over on Stories. Tragic it was, tragic. Let's not speak about it again (although in fairness, just because it didn't suit me, doesn't mean it won't suit you). Anyway, when I popped in store to collect it, I also picked this one up.

Much more me!

tailored white dress, office wear, corporate wear dress
Dress £45Marks & Spencer, Bag old - Modalu (similar) 
Sandals old - Marks & Spencer (similar)

Thing is, I would NEVER have spotted it online. It looks a little bit meh to me. What do you think?

marks and spencer white tailored dress
Dress £45 - Marks & Spencer

I've been trying really hard this year to build a wardrobe of very wearable pieces that will transition from one year to another. This is neither in fashion or old fashioned so it will sit in my closet for a long time and will be easy to update with accessories each season. Easily accessorised today in fact with snake printed sandals, black structured bag and rose gold jewellery.

tailored white dress, office wear, corporate wear dress 1
Dress £45 - Marks & Spencer, Bag old - Modalu (similar)
Sandals old - Marks & Spencer (similar)

A very flattering v-neck with drop sleeves (great for triangles who need to balance shoulders to hips) and a lovely soft white colour. This shade suits everyone (we all get soft white) and in my humble opinion is so much more flattering against mature skin. Pure white can be terribly harsh. For me, the waist is a triumph. Although pleated, they are stitched into the waistband and then ironed flat so they sit flat against the tummy. Now that can only be a good thing! It also means that if like me, you struggle to wear a belt, it all becomes a lot easier to pull off because it's very neat around the waist. Oh and the belt has a rather nice pin stripe detail which pleases me more than it should. And no, I don't have an hourglass figure (sob) but this dress gives the illusion of one 😀

tailored white dress, office wear, corporate wear dress and snake print shoes

I'm wearing a size 10 and I'm 5ft 8 1/2 which is my normal size in M&S.

As part of our summer holidays this year, we're doing a city break and the dress will be perfect as it feels cool and airy. It's actually viscose, not cotton so let's see how it performs crease-wise. Husband mentioned something about bikes. Yeah right because I'll be cycling in a white dress. He did of course get the look. It's a no from me!!! I won't be doing heels for the amount of walking planned but my beloved pompom mules from Next will serve me very well, I'm sure. It's probably the first time ever that I've worn something before Alex at The Frugality (who has amazing style) showcased them. And it was way before as well. Go me!!!

The dress is very office appropriate too. I've come to realise that after two decades of corporate dress, I still tend to favour smarter, tailored pieces.

And finally, it's thick enough not to be see through although to be on the safe side, I'd only do nude underwear.

Countdown to our hols and sods law I have the busiest couple of weeks coming up. Not helped by the son who seems to think I am his personal driver (I am), on call 24 hours a day. I've told him that he can have 100 miles per week free and then it's 40p per mile. Of course that went down like a lead balloon. He's also costing me a small fortune. So far we've had golf, golf-football (whatever that is), driving range, cinema, shopping and food. Food!! How much does a teenage boy eat? I'm filling the fridge up daily. Oh I can't wait for my kids to have kids and then I'll be laughing along merrily as I ride off into the sunset in my old banger (because they've bled me dry).

Have a good week.

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7 comments on "An Easy Wear White Tailored Dress"
  1. Oooh yes that's lovely, the sleeve shape and length is really nice as well. I'm definitely paying a lot more attention to sleeve length these days.... argh!

    1. Ha ha that's a sign that you're getting on a bit Louise. Thanks, I love this dress x

  2. Looks lovely Donna. I like that neckline and seaming. Nice shade of white too. There are so many shades of white! I think it would be great with your grey leather jacket over too in the autumn.

    1. Ah yes, I keep forgetting about that. Glad you've got a grip of my wardrobe Elaine. You're right, it would look lovely. I was going to ask you, is there a technical term for pleats that are stitched into the waistband? Or are they just known as......pleats? x

    2. Haha, I just remembered your jacket as it's so nice. As far as I know they're just called stitched down pleats. I had a quick look on Wiki and it's amazing how many types of pleats there are! I really like dresses with waist seams and waist darts as I think they can be very flattering if placed well, as can pleats. Strangely I've found that if the waist seam is quite high on the natural waist it looks better, on me at least, as it hits me at a narrower point I guess.And I'm a big fan of princess seams too for giving the illusion (in my case) of a shapelier waist. Your dress looks fabulous on you. X

    3. I just zoomed in on those pleats after commenting and I think they look like just soft pleats. I think stitched down pleats are the ones where the stitching runs down the fold of the pleat. Should have looked closer in the first place! Anyway whatever, they are nice!!

    4. Thank you for clarifying. Yes stitched down seams are even better on me but the fact that these lie so flat and are ironed (and probably because they're at intervals) seem to work . I've just had to google Princess seams. They are so flattering aren't they, definitely invented for women lol. I know exactly what you're talking about with the waist seam Elaine because my narrowest part is slightly higher than the natural waist. What are we like talking about seams and pleats ha ha. I feel that you are my resident seamstress expert on the blog xx