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Do White Jeans Make Us Look Bigger Than We Really Are?

Not necessarily.

But consider this, a black spot on a white piece of paper looks bigger than a white spot on a black piece of paper. Hence we wear black, right? Because it's slimming. Which is a shame really because white jeans can be a great addition to our summer wardrobe. They're great for those meh days when it's too cold for a dress but we still want to look a little bit summery. And for girls like me who are totally not feeling blue denim, they're an alternative.

Shirt - Boden Jeans similar  Jeans - River Island similar
Espadrilles Kaleidoscope Bag - Karen Millen

Here are a few things that we can do to help those white jeans along the way.

Wear a long shirt or even a dress 

(Because dresses over trousers are a bit hip right now). The less thigh on show, the slimmer you will look.

Avoid anything tight or body skimming 'up top' 

Because it will only accentuate your bottom half. Keep tops fluid. If you need to show your waist, make sure the fabric follows your body shape rather than hugging it.

Wear a heel

Anything to add a couple of inches to the leg. An espadrille is perfect to keep the look light.

Tone your footwear

White or nude coloured sandals and shoes will give a seamless line from leg to foot (as opposed to say black which will cut off your foot and make your legs look shorter). Any light neutrals will be fine.

Choose your fabric wisely

A good quality white denim will keep everything tucked in nicely. I've had so many pairs that have gone baggy after a couple of hours and they look dreadful. Jeggings are comfortable but if you suffer with cellulite, they may not be your best friend as they're very thin.

Distract with print

A bright busy top will distract the eye and draw it upwards away from your bottom and thighs.

Layer your top half

Another distraction technique. By making your top half interesting through use of layers and different fabrics, the eye will subconsciously be more interested in that than your bum.

Check your pockets

Pocket placement! Yep it matters. If they're set wide apart, yep, your bum will look....wide! Similarly if they're long pockets, your bum will look long. That said, small pockets can make your bum look bigger because the proportions are all wrong. God, it's complicated. Forget all that, just look for mid sized pockets placed centrally. 

Avoid contrast stitching

Not so important with white jeans as they are more often than not stitched with white cotton but sometimes you can find them with that sludgy brown stitching. Any contrast will hilight the stitched areas. So if you're a pear shape, you don't want this around the hip and bum pockets. If you carry your weight further down your leg, you don't want it running down the outside seam. Just avoid it altogether, it's another thing to worry about otherwise!

Wear a column of colour (if you dare)

One day, I will buy an all white (or variation of) tuxedo suit. There's something rather decadent about a top to toe white trouser suit. The continuous colour gives you a vertical silhouette and elongates the frame. 

Look for alternative styles to skinnies

We always seem to associate white jeans with skinnies but sometimes these aren't the most flattering. Look for a semi fitted pair such as a girlfriend fit. 

That's it. My guide to looking svelte in white jeans. And of course, it was perfect(!) UK weather for wearing mine today. 

Shirt - Boden Jeans similar  Jeans - River Island similar 
Espadrilles Kaleidoscope Bag - Karen Millen

Thank you so much for all the lovely messages that I received yesterday and today. As if it's already one year since my mum died? I'm in the process of replying to everyone but just wanted you to know that I appreciate every single message. You really are amazing people xxx

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  1. Donna I know you have so many happy memories of your Mum. I hope they remain vivid and that you are able to think about how wonderful she was and smile. The love she gave you is yours to keep forever. Best wishes to all your family.

    1. That is so lovely Elaine. Thank you for those kind words xx