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PMD Kiss Lip Plumper - It's Taking The Beauty World By Storm!

Lip fillers aren't for everyone. I get that because I'm one of those that has little interest in this treatment. Sure I'd love a slightly fuller pout but I suffer from cold sores and any slight change will set them off: hot weather, cold weather, under-the-weather. You get the picture. I know that there's some sort of medication that you can take before having fillers to prevent a flare up but it all seems such a faff and in all honesty, I'm.Not.That.Bothered.

My friends over at CurrentBody recently sent me a brand new device to try. It's called the PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System and on it's release it apparently took the beauty world by storm. A quick 2 minute, non-evasive blast (and I use that in the loosest sense) and you're done. It's pain free, perfectly safe and easy to use.

Think of it as sending your lips to the gym for a quick workout.

So how does the little device work?

There are four parts:

- the contraption itself

- a tube of serum (it reminds me of the bee sting lip plumpers)

- two changeable kissers, one big, one small depending on the size of your lips

- usb charging cord

Basically, you smear on a little of the serum and then hold the device to your lips (3 sections on the top and the same on the bottom) and let it do it's work. The kissers pulsate the lips in and out hence I say it's like a quick workout for them. Ten pulses for each section and you're done. There's no nasty lasers or toxins or foreign bodies entering your body. Just the pulsating action of the device. And it's totally pain-free.

Does it work?

Well, if you're looking for the Kylie Jenner effect than you're going to be disappointed. The Kiss does not claim to give you a huge pout but if you're after an enhancement to your lips then yes it bloomin well does work. The results are visible for up to 2 hours and you can use the device as many times as you want. It's harmless. One of the things I noticed is that my lips are flushed afterwards, a bit like when a baby sucks hard on it's dummy and they look lovely and healthy when it's removed. That, I wasn't expecting! I didn't really have any expectations at all and I've got to say that I'm thrilled. My lips look fuller (well at least to me they do). There's definitely more lip to put lipstick on if that makes sense. But unlike fillers, they still look natural, I still look like me.

Apparently the more you use it, the longer the effect. As they claim,

"After 4-6 weeks of daily use, your lips will stay full from 
the increased collagen production"

It's too early for me to verify that claim but I'll let you know how I get on. It's also supposed to help reduce the appearance of lip lines. Thankfully, I'm not battling those yet!

This is a gadget that I will continue to use, most end up in a basket under my dressing table. But I'm getting a real kick out of wearing brighter lipsticks. I tend to go for muted shades because there's no point in hilighting what's not there. I'd say the effect lasts over an hour but less than two on me so let's agree on an hour and a half. It's pretty addictive so I've been topping up a couple of times a day 😁

Here's a review from beauty blogger, Raven Elyse 

I would imagine that this device is perfect for correcting uneven or wonky lips too. So if you're a little conscious about one lip being thinner than the other or, if they're not quite symmetrical, this is a great temporary fix. I can honestly see the device being part of our lipstick top-up routine on a night out. You can drop the overdrawn lip liner and do a few kiss pulses instead.

It's currently available for £125 which is obviously less than one round of lip fillers. There is an ongoing cost of additional serum which you will need to factor in (£25 per tube), the price of a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. You don't even need to worry about batteries as it has a USB charging cord. There's free express delivery and at the moment, you can also bag yourself a free pucker-up beauty gift as well.

The only slight negative for me is that my lipstick doesn't mix well with the serum. It kind of slides around on my lips. I don't want to remove the serum as it's part of the process so I wait about 10 minutes before applying. And if I top up during the day, I don't use the serum again. Other than that, the PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System does what it says on the tin. And no one is more surprised than me that actually it isn't a gimmick, it really does work.

CurrentBody are the exclusive UK launch partner for this device. I know the MD in a personal capacity and he works hard to secure the best beauty gadgets from around the world. Staff are up there when it comes to knowledge of the best things coming to the market and I remember last year, there was a real buzz in the company about the Kiss. And if you do a Google search, EVERYONE is talking about it. From This Morning television to the Evening Standard. I'm always a little sceptical about beauty reviews, you never quite know how 'invested' in the product they really are so I was thrilled to try it out for myself. And let's face it, it's a massive improvement on sucking your lips into a shot glass!

So my suitcase is packed, we're all checked in and our new house sitters arrive tomorrow (I've swapped the good stuff for cheap plonk and hidden the gin). I'll wish you a farewell for a couple of weeks as we embark on our summer holiday. I'll be over on Instagram if you want to know where we're going and what we get up to.

Thanks as always for reading.


To save any embarrassment whatsoever, keep this little gadget on your dressing table (or in a cupboard). Mine had been charging and I'd left it on the bedside cabinet. A visiting tradesman clocked it and looked at me with raised eyebrows. Very difficult to explain that no I didn't buy it from Ann Summers and it has a very different purpose to the one he was assuming. Oh the shame. A small piece of me died that day 😱

4 comments on "PMD Kiss Lip Plumper - It's Taking The Beauty World By Storm!"
  1. Firstvof all, what a fabulously funny review Donna, it really made me smile and secondly, wow! This sounds like an excellent product. Like you, I'm not interested in any kind of invasive enhancement but we all would like to improve little bits of us- it's reassuring to know that a device with such hype surrounding it meets expectations. Have a wonderful holiday, love Liz xxx www.whatlizzyloves.com xxx

  2. Sara Middleton21 July 2017 at 16:03

    This looks interesting. Like you and Liz I couldn't be bothered to faff around having fillers etc but I would give this a whizz. Take on board your comment of keeping it out if 'public' view, that made me laugh. Have a fabulous holiday xx

  3. Love the post! That's hilarious about the tradesman giving you a look when he saw the product! ill be sure to hide it away! :)

    1. Cringing as I type. Yep thanks for the memory Rach! It's now tucked away in my make-up drawer and is only ever charged overnight!! x