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Six Items That I've Worn That Are Now In The Sale

Gosh the sales are in full swing aren't they? My inbox is ping-a-ling-pinging by the minute. And I can't help but torture myself by peeking at items I've bought that are now in some cases, vastly reduced. Sometimes it doesn't bother me, particularly if I've bought an item of clothing that I've worn lots. Other times I'm reduced to tears because there are things that I may have not have worn at all. Obviously I take things back and rebuy. Who doesn't? I always feel so very guilty though.

Here are a few items that I've either bought or tried that are now reduced.

1. A Kooky Little Cardigan 

Was £35, now £20.50

(original blog post here)

white boho summer cardigan
Cardigan - Marks & Spencer

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I wonder what M&S are doing with their website. I mean, the styling can be really pants. Take this cardigan for example. Here's how it's presented...

white boho summer cardigan
Cardigan - Marks & Spencer

No way would I have ordered it based on this picture. The proportions look wrong, the colour looks dingy and those stuck on bits look plain odd. But it's a lovely summer cardigan in real life. Ideal for wearing over little dresses when it's a tad chilly. This will be the only layer that I take on holiday with me.

2. The Parisian Jacket 

Was £89, now £59

(original blog post here)

pink Chanel style jacket
Jacket - Winser London Jumper - Winser London
Trousers - Marks & Spencer (sold out) Bag - Next (old), Shoes - Next 

Ahhh, this is such a sweet little jacket. It's a knitted cotton so a very easy wear. . A great piece to add to a forever wardrobe. It's also available in soft white/midnight navy. 

pink Chanel style jacket
Jacket - Winser London

3. A Really Useful Jumpsuit

Was £49, now £32

(original blog post here)

denim jumpsuit and mustard bag
Jumpsuit - Kaleidoscope Bag - Fiorelli (old) similar Sandals Marks & Spencer (old) similar

Now this really has been a useful piece in my wardrobe. It's easy to sling on a blazer when it's chilly, there really is no point in me buying hundreds of strappy dresses because I'm always cold and so never wear them whereas I reach for this jumpsuit often. It's tencel rather than denim so it's soft rather than crispy!! 

denim jumpsuit
Jumpsuit - Kaleidoscope

4. The Dress That Just Keeps Giving

Was £49.50, now £29

(original blog post here)

yellow dress and basket bag
Dress - Marks & Spencer Bag - Primark Sandals - Marks & Spencer (sold out)

I have worn and worn and worn this dress. It's never out of the wash (thankfully it doesn't need ironing). It's a good comfy day dress in a cheery colour. We'll ignore the fact that my dad called me a canary. I have a sneaking suspicion that it shrunk ever so slightly the first time I washed it but it still fits so all is good. Limited sizing left so hurry. 

yellow dress
DressMarks & Spencer

5. A Dress I'm Looking Forward To Wearing

Was £45, now £27.50

(original blog post here)

white shift dress
 Dress - Marks & Spencer, Bag old - Modalu (similar) 
Sandals old - Marks & Spencer (similar)

I can't say much about this one as I haven't worn it yet. But it's another that I wouldn't have noticed on the website because it looks pretty ordinary. It's not! I keep thinking it has a whiff of surgical scrubs about it (the neckline, the colour) but don't worry, you'll feel all woman in it. Limited stock and sizing left. 

white shift dress
Dress - Marks & Spencer

6. The Dress That Got Away 

Was £135, now £79

(original blog post here)

white shift dress and animal print boots
Dress - Winser London Bag- Mimi & Thomas (now £18) Boots - Michael Kors (old)

Now this is a lot of dress for £79. I borrowed it for a blog post and it broke my heart to send it back but at the time, I didn't have an event planned that I could wear it to. You know what, it's one of those dresses that will sit in your wardrobe and won't date. Unlike the frills and ruffles and cold shoulders that we have seen in abundance this year. It's taking all my willpower not to reorder it although if it's still in the sale after my holiday, I'll probably cave. The funnel neck and crochet detail really give it a luxury feel, indeed it could have come straight off a Net A Porter designer rail. It didn't of course and that's why I say you're getting 'a lorra' dress for £79. 

white shift dress
DressWinser London

When I look at these items, they do seem to reflect where I want to be with my style. Not bang on trend, more stylish (I hope??), things that will last for more than one season, easy wear and comfortable pieces. Yep the plan is coming together. 

Do you have a master plan and is it working? 

4 comments on "Six Items That I've Worn That Are Now In The Sale "
  1. Don't wait until after your holidays ... buy the Winser dress now. It was made for you! One of the nicest things I've ever seen you wear & I've been following your blog since day one!
    Might have to order that M&S cardi - ticks all the 'Flaky' boxes ;)

    1. Thanks Helen. Stop encouraging me to spend!!! x

  2. Ahhhh...now thinking the Winser dress would be a better item for transition into autumn too (than the M&S one). My masterplan is just to have 2 of everything (2 trousers, 2 skirts, 2 dresses) per season.

    1. Yes it would be a great autumn dress. The two little shifts that I bought from Winser London a few weeks ago were bought with the intention of layering them up in the colder months. OMG I admire your determination, I always love reading about bloggers who work a capsule wardrobe. I'm just not that disciplined x