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There's Some Really Good Things In The Laura Ashley Sale At The Moment....Just Saying

A quick one from me tonight. I popped in to Laura Ashley yesterday, such a sucker for a 70% off sign in the window.

There was some cracking stuff.

One thing about Laura Ashley is that even in sale time, their stores are always immaculately laid out. Clothing is separated in to garment types and colour co-ordinated. It makes it so easy to skim down the rails super quick. And the houseware looked beautiful. I nearly bought another sofa (because we so need another one to add to the other 8 that we have already). Thankfully I saw sense.

But I did buy this.

(apologies for the poor photos - I wanted to get this post out quickly as I think we're getting towards the end of the sale).

floral midi dress for autumn

It will look great with a pair of heeled slouchy tan boots in the autumn. In fact, this is the third dress I've built an outfit around tan boots. I have a big tan boot hole in my life. Guess what I'll be searching for post holiday.

floral midi dress with long sleeves for autumn

Sadly no longer available on line but you may be lucky in store. It was reduced from £88 to £26

And this skirt which looks nothing in this photo but it's beautiful in real life. It's more grey than sludge by the way if you're wondering and I thought it would go really well with my grey leather biker jacket. I won't be saving it for best.

grey lace midi skirt

Reduced from £75 to £30.

A proper sale!

There are still a few nice things online too (click here), although you may have to look through some of the styling because it's obviously very Laura Ashley which doesn't suit everyone's style personality. Best bet is to get yourself in to town and have a shimmy through the rails.

2 comments on "There's Some Really Good Things In The Laura Ashley Sale At The Moment....Just Saying"
  1. Bought this same dress at the weekend lol!!! (and a couple more, shhh). For tan boots, check out the clearance section on next.com :-)

    1. It's lovely isn't it Naomi, I'm very much looking forward to wearing it. Nothing tickled my fancy in Next. I find them quite wide for my pigeon legs. Hate shopping for long boots!! x