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What's In The Sales Today? Ooooh Up To 70% Off At Kettlewell

And those sale emails keep on coming. And I can't resist the click. Especially when you see 70% off, ho hum.

So Kettlewell, a brand I've worked with in the past but today I'm a customer like anyone else searching the site for a bargain or three. You may already know that this company has a unique selling point; they understand colour. Now this makes it very easy for you and me because once we know our own colour palette (whether that be seasons or tonal - click here to find out yours), Kettlewell do the rest for us. Click on any product and you'll see a little box that filters the best shades for you. If you work on a tonal palette like me, you will need to convert this to the seasonal version (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) but that's easy because again, they've done it for us (click here).

As I've said before, we're not talking fast fashion with this brand. If that's what you're about, then it's probably not a shop that is going to float your boat. But if you're after amazing quality, wardrobe staple pieces with longevity, Kettlewell is for you. You won't find much pattern which isn't a bad thing because I find that key pieces are better in a block colour, you can do so much more with them. 

Here are a few bits that have caught my eye.

It's one of those wash and go dresses. You put it on in a morning, add shoes, bag and jewellery and you're off for the day. If your plans change, it's easy to change the trainers for sandals or heels for a look that matches the occasion. I love outfits like this!

Also available in navy which would be a very wearable office option.

And emerald amongst other colours, layered with a white vest. 

Look, let's face it, Christmas is just around the corner. You might laugh now but in a few months, we'll all be frantically searching for little tops that we can throw on that vaguely comply with the festive season. This is a very easy wear top, arm coverage, a good length and available in a number of colour ways. I think sometimes stock images don't do the item justice. I'd wear this with a pair of faux leather leggings and heeled ankle boots. Add a studded bag to toughen it up and a biker jacket and you've got yourself a very nice outfit thank you very much. And £16.50!!!!!!! Need I say more.

Correct me if I'm wrong but is this the first (or second) season that Kettlewell have done footwear? Four out of the five pairs above are brilliant neutrals that will work with most colours. The blue ones are slightly more restrictive but nevertheless fun! I don't wear my pumps every day (because I have far too many other shoes so have to share my feet about) but I do wear them regularly particularly in spring and early autumn. They really don't date. Pointed toes and ribbons and straps and studs come and go but a classic pump, well it's been around for years hasn't it?

This is a skirt that Kettlewell have done for a few seasons now (the shorter version is here). It's a good solid skirt that sucks it all in and works really well with a causal t-shirt particularly if you keep the top the same colour, you've made yourself a dress!!

A bit like this:

This was me way back and I don't think it's dated at all. Can't say the same for the shoes though!!!

Just a few pieces to whet your appetite. Here's the direct link to more. Now, I really must go as I have a million and one things to do. Obviously far less important than drooling over sale emails!

Have a lovely Sunday.

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