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When The Budget Doesn't Quite Stretch To Chanel

It doesn't take a lot for me to fall in love with something and then I become obsessed, which either manifests itself into nagging the husband until he caves or stalking the internet for dupes. We're talking pearl slides (or sliders or slip-ons or mules). Whatever. You get the picture. For me, it all started with the Chanel pearl slip-ons. Ha! At £700+ that is never going to happen. So it was with great glee that I spotted these.

pearl slip on sandals kurt geiger
Slip-ons reduced from £110 to £49 Kurt Geiger

And I'll be honest, they're nothing like the Chanel ones that I saw a couple of months ago but they've scratched an itch. And, I can't even find a picture of the Chanels to show you.

Now don't you go saying they're a bit Birkenstock because I'm not that kinda girl. Can we agree on slip-on? Please? Mind you, they're every bit as comfy as Birks. A great addition to my summer wardrobe. You know me, I like a statement shoe to jazz up my very plain wardrobe. Not everyone's cup of tea, granted but for those that like a bit of quirk in their lives, you'll be delighted to know that they're heavily discounted.

pink slide sandals kurt geiger

Also available in black.

black pearl slip on sandals ladies kurt geiger
Slip-ons reduced from £110 to £49 Kurt Geiger

Hubby said he likes them but I think he's just relieved that I've found a surrogate in place of the Chanel ones. Because I go on and on and on when I want something. I bore myself sometimes!

And speaking of Mr B we've had very pleasant day shopping, for him, not me. His twice yearly spendathon. Two shops, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. Boom we're done. Lunch at Carluccios where the waiter gave us (me) a free bottle of wine because apparently, we are 'very nice people' and then a quick visit for new make-up. **Tip** Do not buy make-up while under the influence of alcohol. Nine products later including two bright orange lipsticks. What the heck was I thinking? They really did look lovely with beer goggles!

So, it's back home with a cup of tea and an Eat Natural bar. Anyone tasted the apple, ginger and dark chocolate flavour? Divine. Rock and roll on a Saturday night.

Hope you're having as wild a night as me 😁

p.s. I know that I'm supposed to be on a spending ban. This is merely a temporary blip!!
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