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I Love A Good Structured, Boxy Bag, I Do

blazer and white jeans and trainers

I had my chance last year. Yep the husband took me into Chanel in New York and said pick a bag. OMG. Seriously? Well, it was my 50th birthday after all. I knew exactly what I wanted, the Boy Chanel Chain Handle Flap Bag. It was the first time I'd touched it in real life. And it was a show stopper.

Chanel Boy Bag

But I simply couldn't get over the fact that it was over $4,000. I mean, it's not precious metal or anything is it? It's a cow for crying out loud. A mighty fine cow I'm sure but all that dosh for a lump of leather! Sensible head won crooning heart and I walked away, straight in to Cartier but that's another story.

I've got a real thing about a structured boxy bag and love my Village England Fulmer which gets more than it's fair share of outings.

Village England Fulmer In Grey £195

Pretty versatile huh? Sign of a good bag that isn't it?

a grey bag styled with different outfits

It's a fab day bag that works on a casual level or with business dress. Having caught the grey bug, I spotted this one in New York over the summer and realised that it would be a great addition to my wardrobe. Yep it's grey and boxy, not dissimilar to the Fulmer but, having a metal chain, it lends itself very well to dressier occasions. You know, those dinner dates with the husband, raucous nights out with the girls.

Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Quilted Love Crossbody £244.03

Like the Fulmer, it's great value. Bags are silly prices these days aren't they? This feels a bit special without the stupid designer price tag.

The beauty about this one, is that you can change the strap length by unhooking the chain. So it works cross body and, as a long or short shoulder bag. Clever.

Rebecca Minkoff isn't a brand that I've really looked at before and oh-ohhh I really shouldn't have clicked on the website because there are bags on there that I didn't even know that I needed.

A statement bag to jazz up any old outfit.

Patchwork Chevron Quilted Love Crossbody £268.84

Oversized cream jumper, white jeans and ankle boots. Autumn sorted. And then throw it in the summer box for next year. Blush pink (they call it berry smoothie).

Stargazing Medium Camera Bag £244.03

One I wouldn't put away over the winter months - putty. A great neutral that works with darker colours; black, charcoal, brown and navy. Gosh, I could build so many outfits around this.

Love Crossbody With Chain £268.84

A whiff of Chloe? I think it's a cross between the Marcie and the Nile (both for much more dosh). Khaki (they call it olive) is another great winter neutral.

Small Vanity Saddle £244.03

Classic black. Can't go wrong.

Large M.A.B. Camera Bag £202.67

One of each please.

Oh for crying out loud, I've just clicked on the watches. Want. Need.

Moment Gold Tone Studded Leather Strap Watch £227.48

I daren't look at the clothes, not tonight because I've already got a list as long as my arm.

By the way, there's free international delivery. Hurrah for that. But don't forget there might be a custom's duty of 2.5% (I think).

Back soon and we'll be exploring what to do when our lifestyle collides with our style personality.

5 comments on "I Love A Good Structured, Boxy Bag, I Do"
  1. Patchwork bag is my fav! Also got distracted by the watches, only have a Fitbit at the moment. Have saved on Pinterest under presents (for me!), what with 10th wedding anniversary next year. Is it a New York shop? Perhaps can combine with trip to buy it.... ��

    1. They're good value aren't they? I'm comfortable at that price point, it doesn't feel as if I'm spending the kids' inheritance lol. Yes it's on Greene Street in Soho, lovely to wander down because there's some cracking shops. Oh and the staff are really nice in RM too x

  2. Great find and I'm with you on the price! I don't think I could bring myself to do it ☺️. Just seen that Selfridges stock Rebecca Minkoff, so that's a good way around taxes! Something to add to my Christmas list I think!

    1. Thanks for the heads up about Selfridges. I've just had a quick look and they are more expensive than ordering from the U.S. So, the grey one similar to mine on the Selfridges website is the small 20cm which is £230. I paid £237 on my credit card for the next size up. They don't stock my size in grey but they have red which is £345. So even taking in to account tax, it will be cheaper to order from the U.S. x

    2. It's not that often that I feel I'm getting a bargain from the U.S. these days. Now back in the day (20 years ago....OMG it was cheap cheap cheap. Remember when we were getting $2 to the £1. Yes please!!!!! x