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The Perfect Knee High Boot Discounted by 81%

That grabbed your attention didn't it!

I have a cunning plan to keep warm this winter. Don't get too excited, I'm not reinventing the wheel or anything. It's just that skirts/dresses and ankle boots, I only really have half-a-love for them. They seem to work on me if they're stiletto and/or a sock boot. Anything else and I feel meh. Does anyone else have this problem? So then I'm faced with how to keep the tootsies warm if I don't do ankle boots. My legs must be from hardy stock because they don't get so cold. But oh, the feet.

So my plan is to go back in to long boots. Simple! I've not worn these for a good few years but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. I mean, boho is here to stay (again), the 70s aren't going anywhere and midis, well, they're the new mini. I have dresses and skirts crying out for long boots. No more justification needed.

There is a bit of a criteria though:

1. Block heel but not overly high

2. A bit of a slouch so suede or a soft leather

3. A light colour, tan, stone or grey

I threw in a Google search not really expecting too much at the moment as it's still early season. But go to the foot of our stairs, look what popped up.

DF By Daniel Kingsbridge Tan Suede Stacked Heel Knee High Boot

knee high block heel boots
Boots £32 - link here

And can you believe it, they are mega discounted. A whole 81% (I did double check my calculation). Let's say that again, EIGHTY ONE PER CENT.

The original price was £169 reduced to £40 with a further 20% off right now if you quote EXTRA20. So that's £32 for a pair of suede boots.

BLOOMIN NORA! They are exactly what I'm looking for. You know when you daren't click on the sizes in case they've only got 3s and 9s left? That. But the shoe gods were on my side that night.

Let's not beat about the bush, I have chicken legs. Fact. And they're not the best when shopping for long boots. I always, always get the wellie flap. Of course the larger the size, the flappier the wellie. Ideally, I could do with a size 2.5, I'm sure they would fit perfectly on the leg but I don't really fancy chopping my toes off. So I ordered my usual size 6 and threw in a pair of 5s just in case I could get away with the latter. Beauty is pain after all.

Anyway, the 5s are okish. I mean, I won't be running a marathon or anything but I think I can break them in gently. They probably come up a tad big as they feel more like a 5 1/2. The tops are less flappy than the 6s so that swung it for me.

But the colour is pretty darn perfect. They say tan, I say stone.

knee high suede boots with a block heel

I'm trying to introduce a few lighter colours in to my winter palette and have a couple of cream skirts that the boots will work really well with. I've also been hanging on to a herringbone check handkerchief hem skirt for about 10 years and if it still fits (it won't), it will look fabulous with the boots.

A quick try on with a midi dresses.

light tan knee high boots with block heel

Yep, they're keepers. I'm going to have a lot of fun styling them.

Bit of wellie flap going on but I can live with that.

Boots £32 - link here

And for those of you who aren't familiar with this website, I've bought my footwear from here for years (claim to fame: I once sat next to the owner at a wedding). Daniel Footwear stock great brands such as Ash, Ugg, Birkenstock along with higher ends such as Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld. I can lose many an evening browsing and, having a local shop in Alderley Edge, it's difficult to walk passed without popping in. They have mega sales too!

Happy shopping xx

4 comments on "The Perfect Knee High Boot Discounted by 81%"
  1. Bargain and great transitional colour into autumn. Have you tried Ted&Muffy boots? Come in different calf widths. Got a bargain pair of blue 😳 over the knee boots from them.

    1. Yes but ages ago when it was Duo. I've just had a quick look at the sale. Oooooh some nice bits! x

  2. Wow, love them, I have a very similar grey pair from Zara about ten years ago but they work with everything, Definitely keepers! Have a great weekend

    1. I would love a pair of grey ones Claire. Sadly the ones I've featured here have gone back up in price (shock horror emoji) x