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It's All About The Statement Skirt At Marks & Spencer

I really shouldn't have been in Marks & Spencer today but I can't seem to pass that shop without popping in for a 'quick look'. And it was immediately apparent that they're going all out for the statement midi skirt this season. Which is fine by me. As I've got older, my legs have become far more chicken-like, plucked chicken at that. Bruises linger forever and fake tan seeps into my wrinkly knees no matter how much buffing and prep I do beforehand. So less leg on show has got to be a good thing.

All hail the midi skirt (and dress) and long may it reign.

Two shapes that caught my eye today were the fish tail and the (updated) pleat.

The Fishtail Skirt & How To Make It Work For You

For me, this is the queen of all skirts. If she were a person, she'd be Marilyn Monroe. Elegant, sassy, and a little bit fun. You don't really need to do much to create a really fantastic dressed up outfit and let's not even talk about power dressing at the office.

But that kind of doesn't work for me. Most of my going out evenings don't call for super dressy outfits and I'd look a bit daft power dressing at the kitchen sink. Personally, I'd add a slightly over sized jumper and boots, there'll be plenty of room underneath for top to toe thermals so they'd work in baltic conditions too. Layering in this way keeps me much warmer than say a pair of jeans. A thinner knit or even a slight crop style works equally as well as a thicker, over-sized one. If you're a little conscious about your tummy (because let's face it, these skirts aren't particularly forgiving), wear a looser knit with a non-elastic hem. And the sock boot lends itself very well to the midi so you don't even have to go full length if you don't want to.

This is the one that made me do a double-take today.

Fluted Bodycon Midi Skirt £29.50

red fishtail midi skirt

It's an absolute stunner in real life and would work right up to Christmas and beyond. It's not quite as orangey-red as it looks here. Black cashmere jumper. Boots. Done.

Classic black. I hate how it's been styled here. Fishtail overload. A lovely loose cream polo neck and again boots, or trainers if you dare is so much more modern.

Black Fishtail Skirt £35

black midi fishtail skirt

I'm sorry but there is no way that I would have looked twice at this next skirt online. I think you'd be hard pressed to date this picture. Circa 1997 Kays Catalogue??? Which is a shame because it's a great way to wear the check trend.

Checked Fishtail Skirt £39.50

check midi skirt

And yet this combination is on the same page which is a million times better. So very tempted with this one.

check midi skirt, mustard jumper

Red (check), midi (check), checked (check). Bang on point. And there's a bit of substance to this one so it's going to keep us toasty warm. Oh I really want this one as well!!

Red Checked Fishtail A-Line Midi Skirt £39.50

check fishtail midi skirt

Love this inspiration, you're redeeming yourself Marks & Spencer 💛  although personally, I'd go for a less skinny jumper.

check midi fishtail skirt, black blazer, red jumper

Another heavy weight piece is the grey marl which is a brilliant neutral and would look fantastic with all the berry tones that are coming through. I'm sorry, I can't post the styled photo of the skirt. Yes, it's that bad. So here's the flat lay instead.

Fishtail Hem Pencil Midi Skirt £35

grey fishtail midi skirt

The Pleated Skirt & How To Make It Work For You

Hmmmm. I've struggled with this style. Love pleats but if you don't have a flat tummy, they're not going to love you back. And it looks as if we've got at least one more season of them. I make this style work for me by sizing up so that the skirt sits on your hips rather than the waist. The pleats lie neater. An elasticated waist also helps. If you're tummy conscious, avoid tucking in with this style. As above, try a looser jumper such as the one I wore last year. 

Skirt, jumper, boots and bag - all past season

It's from the John Lewis cashmere range, they have similar in each season but I think it may be a tad early for the full collection. This one from ASOS would be a great shape to wear with pleated skirts.

Anyway, say hello to the new velvet pleated skirt. Divine.

Just why? Why would you put this outfit together and expect to sell it? I'm sorry M&S, I really love you but your styling online is pants. 

mustard velvet pleated skirt

Here's the real life version that sold it to me. Ignore that mannequin in the background. A cosy knit in navy or black would be an instant improvement to the above wouldn't it? 

mustard velvet pleated skirt from marks and spencer

Equally lush is the navy. Super useful for dressing up and down. You could easily add a white t-shirt, biker jacket and trainers for a dressed down look. Switch the trainers for heels and voila, you're ready for dinner out. It's the kind of skirt that you probably won't need to buy a whole new wardrobe around because you already own pieces that will work with it. 

navy midi pleated skirt

Not as heavy but equally plush are these A-line pleated skirts with a hint of metallic. The drape of the fabric lends itself really well to an hourglass/pear shape or curvy figure. Very easy to create a Christmas-ready outfit. Silk cami, tuxedo or blazer and strappy shoes. 

I didn't have time to try any of the skirts on today so I don't know which I'll opt for: I'm torn between the 'out there' red check fishtail, the heavy weight grey one or one of the velvets. Decisions, decisions. 

And a few jumpers that caught my eye and would all work really well with the skirts.

(available in blush, navy, cream and dark grape)

blush cable knit jumper

(available in cream and orange)
Slightly cropped and will sit on the waist band. This would work really well because it's loose at the bottom.

cream and metallic jumper

This is much, much nicer in real life. I'm not normally attracted to embroidered florals but the red band across the bottom really adds something and prevents it from looking too Norwegian National dress. 

embroidered jumper

(available in soft blue, silver grey, soft coral and dark grape)

burgundy balloon sleeve jumper

I'm feeling a big order coming on and we're only just in to September! 

It's been 22 degrees here today (Monday), warmer outside than in but I've already left summer behind and am well on my way to autumnal dressing. Is it just me?

Back to school for us on Thursday which is a mixed blessing. The upside is that the son will have to get out of his pit before midday but the downside means that I have to go back to my 6.30am alarm calls which is very, very sad. He's going back without any sports kit (yes, well done again Player Layer), a fact that he'll bring up over and over and over again for the next three years. Because of course he's the only child in Lower Sixth that doesn't have kit. I don't believe that for one minute by the way.

Later this week, I'll bring you up to date with the Botox/Filler results.

9 comments on "It's All About The Statement Skirt At Marks & Spencer"
  1. I always struggle with what colour tights look good under a non-black skirt. For instance the red skirt. What colour tights would you pair that with in winter? And how many denier?

    1. I think this is the reason that I've tended to avoid skirts/dresses in the past Jessica because black looks so heavy against some colours. I've tried thick grey ribbed tights and they were ok with say blush pink for example but then I feel the need to do the same colour footwear to give a seamless line. I'm also a lover of Woolford nude tights which is probably what I'll try again this year. I think it's the Gobi shade that I wear which is the nearest to my own leg colour. As I'm trying to make my legs look as if I'm not wearing tights, I go for quite sheer 8 or 10. At least you don't see that much flesh in the midi skirt. But my master plan this year...I'm opting for long boots (the light tan/stone ones that I bought recently) which will I hope work really well x

    2. Thanks Donna! I don't have tall boots (yet), but I will have a look around.

  2. Tried on the checked one and the grey one today. Both nice so just going in delve into wardrobe to see if I already have tops to go with them.

    1. The fabric is really warm isn't it. Sadly they were huge on my hips so had to go back. I was guttered!! x

  3. Have decided to try this one instead, as a bit more subtle for work http://www.marksandspencer.com/cotton-blend-printed-fishtail-skirt/p/p60149773 and think it would go with navy or green top (trying to avoid black)

    1. And it looks so expensive. No one would guess that it's from M&S. Great find x

  4. Not sure about the colour of this one http://www.thewhitecompany.com/Metallic-Pleated-Skirt-/p/MECPK?swatch=Silver+Grey but I like the smaller pleats at the waist, that must be a flattering feature?

    1. That is stunning!! I think it depends what you do with it. It looks fab with the nude pink and would work really well with black or the deepest of navy. I love how it flows. Wish I could pull this off x