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Well Hello 2018. Very Pleased To Meet You Indeed

Here's to chasing your dreams in the cutest pair of shoes that you own

Because that is exactly what I intend to do this year. My kids are almost grown up, well one is and one is almost there so it's time to start thinking about the next chapter of my life. Wow that sounds drastic doesn't it, but what I really mean is, enhancing the fortunate life that I already have. I hope you will stay for the journey.

Thank you so much for dropping by for a quick read and entertaining me with your witty comments. I have been known to laugh out loud in public places. 

Wishing you and your families a very happy and prosperous 2018. And may the new James Bond be announced soon....

Much love.


Shopping The Sales Sensibly | How To Avoid The Tat!

Sales Galore! And is it me or are retailers starting earlier and earlier every year? I for one am usually all shopped out come the end of December and can barely summon the energy to open up a new tab on the old lap top never mind trawl site after site. But in the interests of blogging, here are my tips.

Firstly, keep in mind that it's only in the sale because no one wanted it at full price! I know, that hurt didn't it? But it's true. That lime green fluffy jumper with bows down the back and double ruffle sleeves has 70% off for a reason.

So what should we buy in the sales?


Five Practical Pieces You Might Need Over The Festive Period (And Not A Sprinkle Of Glitter In Sight)

Are we over sparkly dresses and spangly pants yet? I am. So here are five pieces that you may need over Christmas.

1. A slouchy jumper to disguise the lumps and bumps

I have this and I can't tell you how useful it is. It's a straight cut and doesn't cling, a perfect shape in fact. Throw it on with a pair of comfy leggings (see below) and chunky boots for a festive walk, honestly, you don't need to think too hard about this one. It's 100% pure cotton and surprisingly warm. A lovely piece to take you into spring so you won't be packing it away in March.

Audrey Cotton Jumper - Winser London £89


A Bit Of A Top Up At Harley Academy Clinics

This post is a follow on from these publications:

Are you considering Botox or Fillers? This post may help you make the right decision

Post Botox & Dermal Filler treatment results | The follow up post 

A few weeks ago, I rang Harley Academy Clinics to book in for a bit of a Botox/filler top up as a paying customer. They recognised my name and asked if I would be prepared to do a further review in return for complimentary treatment which was rather kind.


Christmas Jumpers That Aren't Christmas Jumpers That You Can Wear At Christmas AKA Tasteful Festive Wear!

I hate Christmas jumpers. There, I said it. My kids made me wear one a couple of years ago, it was a Primark special with a picture of Father Christmas on the front. Vile it was. Never again. But give me a jumper with a nod towards the festive season and I'm all over it.

Here are my picks.

I have this first one from M&Co and love it. Let's just say as I type, it's hung over the bannister rail drying after it's third wash. Although not natural fibres, the knit is very tight so it's really warm. And there's a lot going on for the money. The chevron detail and pointed finish on the sleeve and the silver beadwork all make for a really classy sweater. They say it's cream, I'd describe it more as a winter white which is a very flattering colour for everyone.

Ribbed Stud Jumper was £35 now £28


Blogmas Day 7: Techy and Teenage Gifts

I've bungled these two together because well, they go hand in hand really don't they? Like nuts and bolts, strawberries and cream, socks and shoes, or green eggs and ham. We rarely see one without the other.

This first item is something that I've featured before on Instagram, a laptop skin which is a great little gift for any newbie laptop owner this Christmas. Basically, it's a thick piece of vinyl that you simply stick on. A brilliant protective layer to the top of your computer. 

Mine was gifted back in August and it took me a good three weeks to pluck up the courage to stick it on. The last thing I wanted was for it to start peeling and leaving a sticky, gunky mess but the brand assured me neither would happen. So mine is the lighter marble design, three months down the line and it's stood the test of time. It's as good as the first day that I applied it. And speaking of which, it's dead easy to apply.

MacBook Skin by CaseApp

You can choose from one of the many designs that are online, customise your own or customise one of their designs. And their Instagram account is a huge source of inspiration, one of my favourites actually. Check out the mobile phone covers too. Now if you would like to buy one of these as a gift, I would suggest that you order a gift voucher so that the lucky recipient can design their own. They cost £21 including p&p and that will buy either a customised skin for many types of laptop and tablet or phone cover. 

My 'Affordable' Winter Bag Collection (Christmas Gift To Yourself Ideas)

I hesitate to use the word 'affordable' because what is affordable to one person could be pin money to another and totally aspirational to someone else. What I really mean is that we're not talking stupid money. I am 51 and have yet to own a Chanel bag (I'm sure most women fall in to this category). Not for want of opportunity. Hubby took me in to Chanel last year and I couldn't bring myself to part with £4k for a piece of sodding leather. No matter how much I want one, I just can't get over the fact that it's....leather. There's no precious metal, no diamonds. It's 100% pure cow. Gosh I'm sure it's a good cow but still!!

Never say never though. I may well indulge one day but for now, I'm much happier to spend £200-£500. Anything over that constitutes birthday and Christmas presents. Thing is, fashion moves at such a quick pace these days and whereas just 10 years ago, you could buy a Mulberry Messenger and use it every day for years, now we're enticed in to upgrading to the next new thing every season.

So with that said, let's just retitle this post 'reasonably priced bags'. These are my five go-to winter bags with a bit of colour thrown in here and there mainly red, mustard and leopard print which are mainly high street purchases.