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Chunky or Thin Knits. Which Camp Are You In?

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Klaxon alert, the Nordic chill is on it's way. Brrrrrrrrr. This will be a test for the new house because so far it's been pretty toasty. Mind you, I'm obsessed with the oil gauge which I check daily. That darn marker just keeps on going down and down. Give me a gas meter locked in a box with a funny plastic key that no one can find any day.

Anyway, looks like it's finally hat, gloves and scarf weather. I'm all for a chunky jumper but they do have a fundamental flaw; they're so difficult to layer. I find myself skipping passed them in the wardrobe because for me, they don't work under many of my jackets and coats. Can't stand that stuffed sausage feeling!

This is where thinner knits come into their own. Not only are they easier to layer, they're also a tad more versatile. I'll happily stick a shirt under a crew neck. They're smart enough to wear under a blazer when the occasion calls. And up until today's baltic temperatures, I'd throw on a scarf and go coatless. All the rock and roll!

Celtic & Co asked if I would like to try one of their knits so it was a no-brainer to choose a thin knit. My mother-in-law has bought from this brand for years and my sister-in-law reminded me that she too bought a pair of Ugg style boots ages ago and they're still going strong. So I had high hopes when I placed my order.

I chose the slouchy fine knit roll neck in blush for reasons mentioned above and because blush is one of my favourite colours.


A Few Notes On Building A Capsule Wardrobe

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I've been asked a few times to talk about the elusive capsule wardrobe. What even is that? I guess it means different things to different people. A couple of readers tell me often that they're evangelical about having a certain number of jeans, tops, jackets etc. Wow, I'm always in awe, I have visions of these fabulous colour co-ordinated open wardrobes that you seen on Pinterest. Me? Nah, I like a little bit more choice.


An Answer To My Creaky Joints?? Yep Getting Old Sucks!

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It hit me recently that there are more people that are younger than me in the world, than older. Wow. That hurts! Yep, I don't handle this age thing very well.

See I told you, look at this graph. There are only 29% of people that are older than me (weeps into her tea). Oh to be 3 years old again.


Doing Casual At Home Dressing Without Frightening The Postman

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Bit of a risky one this as I'm talking leggings, come on now, fess up, I'll bet you have a pair tucked away in the back of your drawers somewhere. May be even two pairs 😲 Like Monopoly Boards aren't they, every household has a pair of leggings.

Thing is, sometimes I get up in a morning and all I want to do is wear something totally cosy. My pyjamas for example. But I don't really do casual very well. Smart casual, yes, that's easy. Casual-casual, I just can't pull it off. Never knowingly underdressed, it's not really in my nature.

Ath-Leisure, tried that one, look as if I'm about to work out with Patsy and Edina. Looser jeans aka boyfriend cut...how does anyone cope with the voluminous fabric around the crotch area? Harem pants ditto.

So leggings it is. Except I have a pet hate for black leggings, the ones that Primark sell by the bucket load. A little bit too closely related to 80 denier tights!! I need something with a bit of texture and as if by magic, I spotted these in M&S. Which is rather good news as my non-smart trouser drawer has somewhat depleted.

Jumper - Next
Leggings - Marks & Spencer
Traines - Vionic Shoes


Moving House, Buying Less, Lashes & Brows & Clothing Rails (yep, it's a busy post)

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Moving On

We moved house a few weeks ago, the kids are all grown up (one is in London, the other will be going to Uni next year) so we upsized as you do. 🙈 It wasn't intentional, well not on my part anyway, we just fancied a change and there was very little to choose from. We put our old house up for sale back in March, had 4 viewings and 4 offers. Yas!!! We chose the people who we thought would be the least complicated (in terms of chain, not character). They pushed for an early exchange and completion so much so that I was left breathless, chasing my tail and running around Cheshire viewing houses that bore little resemblance to our wish list. Got to exchange day and the blighters dropped out! That's fickle footballers for you (I'm not naming any names but.....Championship League). Left us with a rather hefty lawyer's bill for what? Nowt!