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Chunky or Thin Knits. Which Camp Are You In?

This post includes a gifted item and affiliate links.

Klaxon alert, the Nordic chill is on it's way. Brrrrrrrrr. This will be a test for the new house because so far it's been pretty toasty. Mind you, I'm obsessed with the oil gauge which I check daily. That darn marker just keeps on going down and down. Give me a gas meter locked in a box with a funny plastic key that no one can find any day.

Anyway, looks like it's finally hat, gloves and scarf weather. I'm all for a chunky jumper but they do have a fundamental flaw; they're so difficult to layer. I find myself skipping passed them in the wardrobe because for me, they don't work under many of my jackets and coats. Can't stand that stuffed sausage feeling!

This is where thinner knits come into their own. Not only are they easier to layer, they're also a tad more versatile. I'll happily stick a shirt under a crew neck. They're smart enough to wear under a blazer when the occasion calls. And up until today's baltic temperatures, I'd throw on a scarf and go coatless. All the rock and roll!

Celtic & Co asked if I would like to try one of their knits so it was a no-brainer to choose a thin knit. My mother-in-law has bought from this brand for years and my sister-in-law reminded me that she too bought a pair of Ugg style boots ages ago and they're still going strong. So I had high hopes when I placed my order.

I chose the slouchy fine knit roll neck in blush for reasons mentioned above and because blush is one of my favourite colours.

It's Merino Lambswool and I'm ashamed to say that until I googled it earlier, I had no idea what Merino meant although I tend to favour it over and above any other wool. Apparently it's the world's finest wool which feels ultra soft and is exceptionally lightweight hence why it can be worn next to the skin. It has a natural crimp in the fibre which traps body heat in air pockets keeping you warmer for longer. It's also ultra-breathable, releasing warmth to prevent overheating whilst still maintaining the ability to insulate. So now you know!

No layering needed the other day. This is my kind of outfit and I so wish that I'd bought these boots in black because I wear them lots. The jumper is a great length (good bum coverage and long sleeves which can easily be turned back for shorter arms). You can do a double turnover for those that find high necks annoying. Got a lot going for it this little jumper. It also comes in seven other colourways including a very nice black and white stripe.

Jumper - Celtic & Co
Coated Leggings - Next
Boots - Daniel Footwear (old)
Bag - Village England (old)

A little tip: wear a camisole underneath and tuck it in because those loose hemlines can be a tad draughty. I tend to opt for silky ones because they don't cling to the knit. You probably won't even need to buy one, check in your wardrobe first because often sheer blouses come with little camis.

Coat - Next (this year's version here)

I ordered the Medium which is actually a size 12-14 because I wanted it really slouchy. And I must really, really love it because it came out the following day for a dog walk in Tatton Park.

Shearling Jacket - Ancient!
Corduroy Leggings - Marks & Spencer
Lace Up Boots - Ilse Jacobsen
Stunning it was although it's rutting season and those stags are a little bit scary. And oh the poo, it's everywhere. The big man never mentions that does he? 🎅🏼

Apples will love the fit of this jumper as it hangs from the shoulders so is very flattering on your body shape.
To add a bit of shape, you can do a little side tuck as the model has done in the first picture above.

4 comments on "Chunky or Thin Knits. Which Camp Are You In? "
  1. What a great jumper....it ticks so many boxes, I really like the long slouchy fit. Have just looked in the website and there is a great choice of colours, love the pink in you xx

  2. Share your obsession with the oil gauge Donna! No gas heating out here but never realised how convenient it was until we moved to the sticks! Oh and dont get me on septic tanks! Love Celtic & Co, have a few jumpers from them that are years old and still going strong, bit pricey initially but well worth the moneyx

    1. Apparently you can get some sort of a digital meter that can be read by the oil company so they top it up when required. Must look into that. Septic tank sounds very scary!!!! That's good to hear about your jumpers. Pence per wear then Lin? x