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Doing Casual At Home Dressing Without Frightening The Postman

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Bit of a risky one this as I'm talking leggings, come on now, fess up, I'll bet you have a pair tucked away in the back of your drawers somewhere. May be even two pairs 😲 Like Monopoly Boards aren't they, every household has a pair of leggings.

Thing is, sometimes I get up in a morning and all I want to do is wear something totally cosy. My pyjamas for example. But I don't really do casual very well. Smart casual, yes, that's easy. Casual-casual, I just can't pull it off. Never knowingly underdressed, it's not really in my nature.

Ath-Leisure, tried that one, look as if I'm about to work out with Patsy and Edina. Looser jeans aka boyfriend cut...how does anyone cope with the voluminous fabric around the crotch area? Harem pants ditto.

So leggings it is. Except I have a pet hate for black leggings, the ones that Primark sell by the bucket load. A little bit too closely related to 80 denier tights!! I need something with a bit of texture and as if by magic, I spotted these in M&S. Which is rather good news as my non-smart trouser drawer has somewhat depleted.

Jumper - Next
Leggings - Marks & Spencer
Traines - Vionic Shoes

They're a corduroy fabric so have a very fine rib and look more like a skinny trouser than leggings. These ones are teal (they call it dark petrol) and I bought the black as well. Also available in plum and chocolate.

I'm taking my usual size 10 but opted for the regular length as they seem quite long compared to M&S's usual offering. Best bit is they're high rise so suck everything in. Oh and guess what, a snip at £17.50. I've worn them for a solid 13 hours today and not a baggy knee in sight.

I mean, they're alright aren't they for pootling around the house. And I think they could look quite smart teamed with a long shirt and heels for easy-evening wear. What do you think? Shockingly bad or acceptable? All I'll say is, bloody comfortable.

Leggings - Marks & Spencer

By the way, I'm not trying to look all cool in the first picture. That darn jumper will not stay up on my wonky shoulders (years of back injuries has put paid to symmetry). But hey, I'll take cool.

My jumper is old from Next, there are a few sizes left and I'm not sure if the price is right as they're labelled up at £12. They say teal, I say jade but whatever, these shades are great on blondes and mousey haired girls. You can find a few more jumpers in these shades at this link.

4 comments on "Doing Casual At Home Dressing Without Frightening The Postman"
  1. They look really good and great to hear they don't bag at the knees, they look more like a skinny trouser than leggings & at a great price.
    So pleased to see your posts again, I've missed them, you always make me chuckle!

    1. Got them on again tonight (always a good sign) and still no knee bagging. And I have very knobbly knees 😲 Thanks for your kind words Sammy x

  2. So glad to see you're back! :) I've missed your posts...

    I really like the look of these. Not sure the teal is quite my colour but ooh, the plum! I may have to investigate... My only issue is what footwear - I have shoe issues and difficulty getting anything to fit. I love your trainers but don't have anything similar (so usually end up wit some sort of flat boots with leggings). Not sure a classic white trainer (think Stan Smiths) would work - any suggestions?

    1. Shhhhh I'll let you into a little secret, teal suits everyone! To be honest they're a really deep teal so they're not in your face. I'd do Stan Smiths Nell, with a big chunky jumper. I'd also do a heeled court shoe with a longline blouse for evening. My personal preference would be a small heeled boot (mainly because I have skinny ankles so a flat boot makes me look like Max Wall) but a Chelsea boot of some sort would work equally well. But always always with a longer jumper or top because no one wants to look like a Robin!!!!! x