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My New Business

A couple of years ago the hubby came home after a day of meetings and told us about a new business that he was helping to set up in medical cannabis. We all fell about laughing, I mean literally fell off our chairs howling and decided from thereon-in, he would be known as Pablo (as in Escobar).

Fast forward to today and whose laughing now? Us (that's me and the kids) because, that company is now listed on the UK Stock Exchange and doing pretty well! The first of it's kind, I hasten to add. Check it out, it's called Sativa Investments PLC. 

So I'm sure you've heard the buzziest word on the block, CBD. It's being touted as the NEXT BIG THING (in shouty words). The next big thing in wellbeing, in migraine treatments, in grooming, in veterinary care, in vaping, in sports recovery, in pain management. It's literally going to be everywhere. But hang on, there's so much more research to be done so we're not going to make any medical claims just yet.

To be honest for the first year or so, I didn't pay much attention to the husband's involvement, all I did know was that he kept disappearing down to a farm somewhere in the depths of Somerset. And then I became more and more interested as articles popped up all over the internet.

So what is it? Or more to the point what does it do?

CBD Oil, Hemp, Tessellate Collectives

Well, we all have an inbuilt Endocannabinoid Sytem (ECS) which plays an important role in our bodies and simply means cannabis-like substances that naturally occur inside us.

Just like the electronics in a car, your body is constantly monitoring important levels and functions. When something is operating outside of the right range, your body activates the ECS to correct it. You're hot so you sweat for example.

Sometimes these regulators get out of sync and this is when the problems start....waking up, feeling low, anxiety, painful joints, acne and so on. There's one heck of a list, I can tell you.

CBD oil influences the body to use its own endocannabinoids more effectively. A bit like adding oil to a car's dried up engine. It balances out those blips to get them working again.

CBD Oil, Hemp, Tessellate Collectives

Phew that was heavy wasn't it!

What it isn't is psychoactive. You're not going to get high, quite the opposite actually. People with anxiety take CBD for the calming effect that they can feel. The part of the plant that gives you the high is tetrahydrocannabinol (I can't even pronounce that, so let's call it by it's better known initials, THC). That's the naughty stuff...weed, Cannabis, grass, pot, hash (I had to look these terms up 😬) and isn't legal in the UK.

CBD is legal providing it's derived from industrial hemp and has less than 0.2% THC (which is a minute quantity and unavoidable when extracting the CBD element). It's classified as a natural food supplement so medical claims cannot be made but personal experiences can be shared.

My Experience

I started taking CBD oil (this one), a while ago mainly due to the fact that I've had such low energy levels for about 10 years. Oh that 4pm slump when I would gorge on cakes and biscuits to get me through. Sometimes it got so bad that I avoided leaving the house late afternoon or I'd come back from the school run absolutely exhausted. I've also not been sleeping great, waking up several times during the night. My Dad has always said I'm a yawn-y kind of girl.

After 3 days of taking the oil, I felt better, and a few weeks later, felt wonderful. I'm up with the lark (yeah I know these light mornings help but I've NEVER had the urge to iron at 6am before!). The energy slumps have gone and I'm feeling pretty darn good. In fact, I mentioned on my Facebook page that I'm grieving for those lost years when I thought that feeling so tired was completely normal. Bloody hell I'm cross that I didn't have access to this stuff in my 40s.

CBD Oil, Hemp, Tessellate Collectives

I'm sleeping deeper too. I still wake up to go to the loo (seriously why do we need to wee during the night?) but I go back to Noddy Land as soon as my head hits the pillow.

A welcome side effect is that I've lost 3lbs in the last couple of weeks due mainly to the fact that I'm not snacking. Normally I'm 'chowing' my arm off at 12pm, counting the minutes until lunchtime. Now, there's no clock-watching and dipping into the crisp cupboard. My metabolism has obviously regularised which is kind of what CBD does, balances everything out. Bring on that bikini this summer!!!

I'm hoping to see improvements in my hair (early days yet) but indications are that CBD is good for stimulating growth, maintaining condition and regularising oil. I have quite greasy hair so let's see.

Ditto with skin and nails.

I don't really have issues with anxiety or depression, probably balanced out already on that front so I'm not feeling extra-zen or anything.

How Do You Take It?

The best way to take it is orally although skin and hair care products are being developed. The other thing I've learnt is that it has to be taken regularly. These shake bars and coffee shops are great but you need your 'fix' every day otherwise it's useless.

I use the 5% oil twice a day,  3 drops under the tongue straight after brushing my teeth.  Easy-peasy to remember.

The body tolerates CBD really well with very few side-effects. I haven't experienced any at all.

So What's My New Business?

Well, I've signed up to sell the oil because I'm so impressed. I'm excited to hear people's experiences and how it's changed their lives.  It's a similar feeling to when I was a consultant with Colour Me Beautiful and showed clients their best colours.  Kind of.

The trading company is called Tessellate Collective and there are some amazing products coming our way. Of course I'm going to say that our oil is of the highest calibre (it is). There has been a huge amount of money invested into getting it right and it's rigorously tested in accordance with UK standards. There's even a research project being funded at Kings College London to look at CBD and respiratory problems. This ain't no back street operation!

CBD Oil, Hemp, Tessellate Collectives

Yep there are cheaper versions on the market but often you're not comparing apples with apples. Many are inferior and not full spectrum. You know, even the hemp oil that that the CBD is suspended in has amazing properties. I've been doing my own research and have been surprised at the differing qualities of oil, one particular health food store is selling a very under-whelming product indeed.

Anyway, if you would like to follow my journey (god, pass me a bucket, that sounds sickly), please do give me a like on Facebook. I'm still learning every day.

Oh and if you fancy giving it a go yourself, here's the link to our oil. Let me know if you purchase it so that we can chat about your own experience because I'd love to hear.

If you've got this far, here are a few photos illustrating the effect of our CBD oil on various skin conditions (all verified sources):

It's awful having a breakout on your back particularly in the summer months. This lady had only been on the Tessellate 5% for 7 days and look at the difference already. Obviously she's thrilled. CBD is great for helping the body sort itself out.

CBD Oil, Hemp, Tessellate Collectives

And this one is quite incredible, the inflammation subsided very quickly.

This mum and daughter duo suffer from eczema skin flare-ups. Looks like their poor skin is on the way to recovery. Research has shown that CBD is a power anti-oxidant.

And finally, this lady has suffered from a skin condition for many years. She took CBD oil religiously for one month. CBD really does give a boost to your system promoting health and well-being naturally.

Obviously these are only examples of skin conditions, where  CBD oil has had an impact on these people's lives.

Hope you found this interesting. Believe me when I say it will be everywhere because it will. Even Ben & Jerry's are getting in on a piece of the action. The mind boggles!

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