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Dresses That Straggle The Seasons. Let's Aim To Buy Less & Wear More

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Let me start this post by saying that I don't want to encourage anyone to buy 'stuff' unnecessarily. Your first point of call should always be your own wardrobe. These days I buy to replace or to refresh and I can do this because I've been totally focussed on building a core wardrobe of classic items that are neither in or out of fashion. And please don't read classic as investment or expensive, they don't have to be. We'll address this issue soon.

Mind you, sometimes it hurts when I see a pair of shoes or a cracking dress that I love but I want this planet to still be around for my great great great great grandchildren and the way we're going at the moment, it ain't going to be. Please, please think before you buy into every trend going. Shop wisely. End of sermon.

I'm always on the lookout for clothes that straddle the seasons and I think the dresses featured below do just that. First up, a rust and caramel mix midi.

Shirt Dress £45

The fabric isn't thick so it's ideal for now. It's a really thin cotton so if you're at the time of life when hot sweats come when you're least expecting them, a perfect option. I'd have no hesitation in wearing this on holiday with the sleeves rolled up. Believe me, it's an entirely preferable situation than sweaty polyester. It buttons all the way down so undo 3 or 4 to show a hint of a leg.

Wear now with flip flops and a straw bag.

Wear in spring/autumn with trainers, pull the sleeves down, fasten those buttons and add a warm vest and slip underneath. It's surprising how a thin layer can keep out the chill. Throw on a leather jacket and you'll get a few more months out of it.

The beauty about this dress is that the belt can be fastened at the back which is good news for anyone who has a big bust. Voluminous fabric and baps can result in a bit of a blobby look. You can look all width and girth. Taking that fabric to the back pretty much solves this issue, because it looks as if there's a bit of a figure going on underneath. It also helps pancake backsides (yup, all the sexiness at this end) because the fabric gives the illusion that there's something there. Dressing is all smoke and mirrors really isn't it?

Tip: unless you're blessed with a tiny waist, I really wouldn't belt this dress at the front as there's too much fabric to cope with. It settles on the hips and tummy in a less than flattering way. 

Pure Cotton Printed Tiered Shirt Dress £45

Oh and let's talk about the colour and print which is brilliant for mousey haired girls with a warm undertone. I often find prints to be too busy and loud (especially in Autumn and Winter when the background tends to be black), they don't do anything for me. Also great for women with red/golden hair. If you are more ash/grey or have dark hair and a strong look, it might not be the right dress for you.

Dress number two is exactly the same style and what I've said above, can be repeated in it's entirety (even the colour and print). I'm wearing a size 10 in both although there is little difference between the 10 and 12. Go up if you have a big bust, go down if you don't. I'm not sure which one to keep because I love both colours and prints.

Pure Cotton Floral Print Shirt Dress £45

Shirt Dress £45

By the way, if anyone else has mirrors in their garden like this, be careful. Ours reflected onto a pile of dry grass cuttings that the gardener had left and set it on fire a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say they go straight into the fire pit now.

Next, this gorgeous little specimen that as far as I'm aware, hasn't hit the shops yet but it is online. Now, this is an all year rounder. Even though the fabric is less denim, more chambray, pop a polo neck underneath in the colour of your choice, tuck it into thermal tights (I know, sexy right), add long boots and a thick jacket (I'm thinking my shearling biker) and you'll be as snug as a bug.

Wear now with any sandals that you please; it will work equally well with those fugly ones, flat toe-posts, wedges, slides...it's really down to what you feel comfortable in.

Denim Shirt Dress £49.50

The only thing that slight irks me is that the length is a bit stingy. A couple more inches would have been lovely. I've ordered it to try in a size 12 as apparently it comes up small.

This one would be more suited to a cooler skin tone (there isn't as much orange in it as there looks although I haven't seen it in real life). Check her out, she's all but ready for the cooler months.

Printed Dress £55

And for those with dark hair and dark eyes (Deeps) or dark hair and bright eyes (Clears), this is perfect for you.

Relaxed Midi Dress £39.50

Nb. the first two dresses are made from sustainably sourced cotton which pleases me no end. I haven't checked M&S's sustainable policy but I'll trust them on this.

Finally, I saw these in store today, if you're after new trainers, give them ago. Lovely soft padded leather. True to size. Chunky but not overly so and would work with all of the above.

Over and out.

6 comments on "Dresses That Straggle The Seasons. Let's Aim To Buy Less & Wear More"
  1. I have found this before: your links don't work. This time I tried the one to the trainers at the end of your blog, and was refused. In the past, the links to Next and Sainsbury's have not worked either. Such a shame.

    1. I've just rechecked all of the links and they are all working so I'm not sure what to suggest. Maybe a different browser?? Sorry you're having issues.

  2. I have the first dress but in an olive and ecru print which was available earlier in the summer. EVERYONE comments on how nice it is. It's actually slightly too attractive as it even seems to encourage strange men to come up and talk to me. I really wasn't expecting that from a dress that looks a bit like a marquee! I wear mine with a leather belt and either sandals or cream trainers. A great dress.

    1. It's obviously the perfect dress in the perfect colour for you. Not sure if the unsolicited compliments are welcome but hey-ho take them for what they're intended lol x

  3. I loved the look of those dresses! So I went into M&S this afternoon, just to have a look, you understand... was very pleased with myself for deciding none of them were really quite "me" and ti would be better not to buy them, as sooner or later something will come along that is really me... but somehow quite unaccountably I came out with a lovely pair of black and silver trainers instead. While they are totally me, I still don't quite understand how that happened :D

    1. It feels good to walk away doesn't it Nell. I picked up the denim dress earlier today and had high hopes but it's not quite perfect (although I only tried it on very briefly). I'll try it again with the right shoes but I won't keep it for the sake of it. I saw those trainers and if you love them and wear them, it's not at all wrong to impulse buy. Enjoy them x